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The CamFind iPhone Camera Search App Will Blow Your Mind! (Video)

The CamFind – Search With Your Camera iPhone app can find just about anything. This camera search app has an approximate 85% accuracy using your iPhone camera to search objects, scan QR codes, Bar codes, do price comparisons, and a whole lot more.

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Most people use Google to search for everything. But, the CamFind – Search With Your Camera for the iPhone app hopes to change that. This iPhone Utilities app is super versatile. The main way to search with CamFind is to snap a photo using your camera. The returned results include shopping, Yelp, image and top web pages. The results can also be spoken back to you with a Siri-type voice. And CamFind supports a wide variety of international languages.


CamFind is just like the “ShamWow” commercials because this app is sure to “Wow” you. You can do QR Code and Bar Code searches, text, voice searches, and even search from an image in your camera library. Here is an example of how crazy this app is. As a test, I snapped a photo of a “red fitness ball” that I use as a chair. CamFind scanned the photo once, inputed and returned as a result: “red fitness training ball.” There are additional features to this swiss army knife app like social media sharing, history, and more.

CamFind deserves a place on your iPhone’s homescreen because it makes Google search look really lame! This app is free and I suggest you grab it while you can for no cost.

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