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Canabalt HD for Android – Simple Gaming Excellence!

There are not too many endless runner games out there that get me overly jazzed up. However, the very basic and simple gameplay found in Canabalt HD (by Kittehface Software) is one game that has the ability to capture the imagination as one runs over a surreal black-and-white building environment jumping from building to building, onto cranes and billboards with the objective of trying to survive as long as possible. The real essence of this game is in the lack of color (black and white), background sounds, visuals (such as the birds fluttering as you land on a building), and the actions you need to take to stay alive, which is jumping only at the right time. The 3 different music soundtracks included in this Android version also add to the experience, which is what you will get when you play this game, but a little tip: put your earbuds or headphones on prior to playing.

Android Game App Review for Canabalt HDAndroid Game App Review for Canabalt HD

I have played this on the iPhone and iPad and it plays just as well, actually on the iPad it is even a better experience due to the larger expanse of the iPad screen. That being said, my Android experience while playing on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was awesome, not laggy, except in the very beginning when the game starts, but not during the actual gameplay. Canabalt HD costs $2.99 and some will balk at the price for such a simple game, but it’s more than just a game, it’s an experience. Be sure to watch the Android video app review to see how this game plays on the Android platform.
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Canabalt HD Android App Details

Title: Canabalt HD
Category: Arcade & Action
Size: Varies with device
Developer: Kittehface Software
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Canabalt HD Android App Download Link

Canabalt HD – Android Market

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Canabalt HD Android App Developers Description

Canabalt HD: Run for your life!
The simple and fast-pased platform action game that pioneered a genre arrives on Android devices, remastered with new 3D backgrounds and smooth animation! Select between classic 2D artwork or new 3D artwork, track your performance on online high score boards, and more!
Fully supports all Android devices and GoogleTV, plus the XPeria Play gamepad!

A few quotes about Canabalt:
“Canabalt is pure genius.”
“It’s going to be quite some time before you find something so simple so thrilling again.” -Offworld
“This “daring escape” platformer is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.” -Kotaku
“Canabalt is actually much more intense than you’d assume of a game which requires a single finger to play.” -GameSpy
“It’s all very lovely and full of poignant subtext. And awesomeness. Canabalt is a prime example of a simple idea executed extremely well.” -JayIsGames
“I have never seen a concept so richly and successfully realized in such a simple yet stunningly complete form. Canabalt represents the power and potential of small independent games.”
“Music is another component that is just perfect – it enhances the strange and unsettling setting of the game and also gives a sense of speed with a hint of hope that quick feet might be the salvation to the horror.”
“Fast load times combined with short (yet exciting) game sessions really make for an attractive game to play on a mobile device.” -TouchArcade

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