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Cannon Cat – Quick Thinking Action Game, FREE!

Cannon Cat for the iPad and iPhone is an action-adventure game featuring 80 levels of precisely timed canon-to-canon cat shooting fun where quick thinking will definitely benefit you. It’s a good thing that cats have 9 lives, at least that’s how the old saying goes, because you’ll need at least 9 cat lives while playing through this game. Your “Cannon Cat” is on a mission to rescue all the “Skyfish” from an evil Emu who is imprisoning them inside bubbles floating around in the sky (what is an Emu anyways?) . To accomplish the 80 different missions (levels), you’ll shoot your “Cannon Cat” from cannon to cannon through perilous situations trying to collect as many sparks as you can to power-up your cat’s cool suit. You see, the suit has special power-ups that you can be purchased using sparks, which are earned through gameplay or bought through in app purchase. The power-ups help “Cannon Cat” while he’s rescuing of all those “Skyfish” — and help prevent the loss of any of his 9 cat lives.

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During my testing I found this game to be great for those people who are quick thinking and able to make decisions in a snap. The cannons are moving and rotating at different speeds (sometimes fast and sometimes slow) making each level that much more challenging. If you do not get each and every spark on a level you won’t get a spark bonus, which made me have to replay most levels — more so than any other casual game. The coolest thing about this game currently is that it is FREE, and although there is an in app store to purchase sparks to get the various power-ups, I played this game level after level completely FREE. The moral of the story is: if you are persistent you can play for FREE, and if you’re impatient, you can purchase sparks to increase your “Cannon Cat’s” abilities. Cannon Cat is a great, family-friendly, FREE casual game that definitely deserves a download. Be sure to watch the iPad video app review for a look at the Cannon Cat gameplay. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

Cannon Cat iPad App Download

Title: Cannon Cat
Cost: Free
Size: 17.5 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Loqheart
Store: iTunes App Store

Cannon Cat iPad App Download

Cannon Cat - Loqheart

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

Cannon CatiPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

You have to help us! The skyfish are being imprisoned in bubbles by the Evil Emu! All of us are in great danger!

Cannon Cat, please help! Only YOU can soar through the sky from cannon to cannon with such ease. And your spark-suit has so many powers. We have heard of your legend far and wide. Please come. There isn’t much time!

Oh no! Here comes the Evil Emu now! He’s inside a giant robot and…… [END OF TRANSMISSION]


Cannon Cat is a 2-D action/adventure game where you soar from cannon to cannon with just one-tap! It’s easy to learn and anyone can pick it up. But timing is everything! Cannons, enemy penguins, bouncy blowfish and many other characters join the story to make things fun and challenging. But don’t worry because Cannon Cat’s spark-suit has tons of awesome powerups to help you on your quest! Full of interesting puzzles, quirky characters, and fun gameplay, Cannon Cat is sure to keep you entertained!

So what are you waiting for!? The skyfish need your help!

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☆ “Quirky, creative, and the cute graphics look great!” — AppAdvice
☆ “4/5 stars! It’s extremely easy to pick up and play” — 148Apps
☆ “A cheery game with goofy cat humor! Thumbs up!” — PocketNext
☆ “Some of the best cannon-blast gameplay since Donkey Kong!” — Gamezebo
☆ “It’s enjoyable and quite habit-forming. Grab it!” — TouchMyApps
☆ “Grab your free copy now, you’ll thank me later!” —
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