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Cannon Game – Cannon Crasha, Massive Dueling Cannon Gameplay (Video)

The Cannon Crasha cannon game is a unique cannon-vs-cannon-castle-dueling strategy game. This new iOS Universal game features 40 levels, 4 unique worlds, 3 extra game modes and loads of extras! Also, Cannon Crasha has 20+ hours of gameplay through Campaign, Freeplay, Survival, and Goal Hunt. Currently, there is 2 player device gameplay with multiplayer game mode in the works. To find out more, watch the Cannon Crasha App Video for an in-depth look at this new and fun cannon-blasting cannon game!



Cannon Crasha Game App Features

– 40 Campaign levels in 4 unique worlds.
– Interactive comics & witty dialogues throughout the campaign.
– 3 extra game modes: Free play, Survival & Goal Hunt that add lots of content.
– 2 stores, a vanity store for visual skins & an item store for consumable items.
– Achievements that unlock rewards & competitive leaderboards.
– Custom soundtrack, featuring a unique mix of chiptune & orchestral music.
– Detailed pixel art with lots of colors, charm & easter eggs.
– 20+ hours of content filled with unlockables and secrets, can you find them all?
– iPad only: Local Multiplayer, play with your friends on one device

Become the ultimate cannoneer and blast your way through Cannon Crasha!

Download The Cannon Crasha, Cannon Game, App Now

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