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Can’t Say That! Free – Fun, Social, Facebook Word Game!

Can’t Say That!Free (by Fugazo, Inc.) is a Facebook, social word game that is simple and fun to play. To play this charades-type, turn-based game each player is allowed up to 24 characters to help their contacts or Facebook friends guess the mystery word, which you obviously can’t say. If you have ever played hangman, charades or other word-guessing game, you’ll dig this FREE iPhone game for sure. This game uses either your Facebook friends or contacts in your iPhone (iPod Touch) as opponents. Once you start a game it plays through rounds where you are given a choice of Easy, Medium, or a Hard word to challenge your opponent with and he/she has to guess it with only a 24 character clue you provide. You’ll find a list of words that you cannot use when typing in your hint to your opponent — this is where it gets tricky. If you need them, there are a variety of Word, Category, and Letter hints that you can purchase with coins earned through gameplay or purchased through in app purchase. There are also additional word packs that can be purchased to expand your gameplay, which I did. One cool feature of this is that as long as one person has purchased a game pack both you and your opponent can use those words.

Cant' Say That! FREE Facebook iPhone word GameCant' Say That! FREE Facebook iPhone word Game

I found this game to be a lot of fun and Mrs. Crazy Mike and I got into this and played for a good couple of days straight. The first day the app came out the number of (my) Facebook friends playing was slim, but after a day or so when you select “Random” you will get any Facebook user who is playing — so there is no problem finding someone to play a game with now. Can’t Say That! FREE also has a paid version that sells for $2.99 called CantSayThat, which has coins already provided to purchase hints and word packs. Game connection is also very fast, so getting a game started is very easy. Also, when playing this game you can play at your own pace without having to play in real time, so there’s no pressure — just a leisurely pace. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a look at how this iPhone and iPad games application works. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Can't Say That! Free - Fugazo, Inc.

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