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Cars in sandbox: Construction – Totally Fun Learning! (Video)

Young kids will have a blast exploring construction vehicles in the Cars in sandbox: Construction app. This Education app lets kids explore and learn by playing with the 8 different construction vehicles inside a giant sandbox.

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Each vehicle comes with unique, real-life vehicle sounds and actions such as: running engine, horn, warning light, and other fun functionality. The learning part comes in subtly through the specific activity that is provided for the vehicle. The developers ingeniously provide help for kids by placing yellow instruction pages thumbtacked to the rear wall of the sandbox (showing them what to do). And when kids complete their tasks, they’ll earn stars.

There are some extra attention-to-detail features that you’ll find in this app, like moving clouds, lady bugs that your child can tap on, and other things to swipe to look around the sandbox.

Cars in sandbox: Construction is a fantastic and well done kids’ Education app that almost every parent will want for their children.


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