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Casual Fun Racing Game – Disney Super Speedway (Video)

Disney Super Speedway racing game is a fun free iPhone and iPad game featuring characters from some of their animated television shows. This free Disney racing game features 9 different Disney themed race tracks with Phineas & Ferb or other Disney Channel characters to race as. Some of the other Disney characters include: characters from Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Motorcity, Fish Hooks, and Kick Buttowski. This free-to-play racing game starts you off with Phineas and a standard kart. You race through 3 circuits where you must win to move to the next more challenging race circuit.

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There are achievements along the way that when earned will reward you with gold Disney coins. This Disney racing game also features upgrades for your kart in a variety of areas: Body, Scoop, Spoiler, Tires and more. You need to win races to earn gold coins, or you can buy gold coins through in app purchase (IAP). The tracks in the 3 different racing circuits are colorful, crazy, and at times you may find yourself a bit turned around. Needless to say, there are lots of “Mario Kart” influences in this racing game, but with a Disney touch that makes for a lot of fun. The one addition to this app that would make it really awesome would be online multi-player gameplay. It would be great fun to be able to race against 4 or 5 other people real-time, and this app has all the infrastructure for it, but does not include any multi-player gameplay, which is a shame.

Disney Super Speedway is a great free-to-play game for some quick Disney racing game fun!



Disney Super Speedway | Disney Super Speedway iPad App Review

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