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Cat App: IdentiKat – Creative n Artistic Fun for Kids

IdentiKat – a game for creative children & cats (by OvoLab S.R.L.) is one of the coolest cat apps around. This iPad Games app features a fun (virtual) Arts and Crafts type activity that gives kids the supplies they need to create their own unique cat artwork, frame it in a variety of choice frames, and then save their feline masterpiece to the camera roll. In addition to all the wonderful and original artwork that this cat app offers, there’s playful jazz music (reminiscent of the Pink Panther theme song), fun cat sounds, and silly animations that all come together to deliver a totally unique artistic experience.



Everything in this arts and crafts cat app comes in rich jewel tones and is sewing related. Kids will discover an enticing assortment of sewing notions and supplies to build with: buttons, safety pins, ribbons, yarn, heavily patterned fabric, felt pieces, trim, and plenty of other intricate embellishments. Kids use all these objects to build their own original cat, piece by piece, from all the original artwork pieces provided. They be able to mix and match sewing objects (used to represent these body parts) for ears, eyes, hands, noses, etc. Kids are free to let their imagination run wild because there’s no right or wrong that’s what you’ve got to love about art.

When starting out on the Home screen, I suggest kids tap around and explore the cool fabric cityscape to find some hidden cat animation surprises, which should provide a few good laughs or giggles from your kids, especially if they are artsy cat lovers. This crafty cat app is a feast for the eyes, but can be a little confusing when trying to determine which direction to go first. Naturally, I went with the “Kat ?” button thinking it would lead me to the “how to” explanation I was looking for — not quite. However, I found out where to turn sounds and music on/off, and while in this Settings area, I did discover the most imaginative and well done “Meet The Developers” type video I’ve ever come across it’s definitely worth a watch to get a glimpse at all the people behind the work in this silly and creative cat app.



There are 2 play modes to explore from the Home screen:  Kat Cut and Kat Lab. In the Kat Cut mode kids get a pre-assembled Kat. This original cat design topples over with a “Meow” when given a tap. It can be put back together again like the original or not. But what if kids want to see the original cat design again to duplicate it? No problem, just hold on the button in the upper right corner and see it magically reassemble again — that is until you remove your finger!

Kat Lab is a freestyle play where kids are given 9 individual category items to pick from in order to build their own cool Kat design. Items can be chosen from a side or bottom scrolling navigation. Kids will have a great time dragging different colored head shapes, eyes, mouths, noses, whiskers, ears, hats, vests, sleeves, hands, and other embellishments to the blank canvas the combinations are endless. The IdentiKat cat app has a nice, fluid navigation that lets kids easily drag items onto the canvas, move items, enlarge and reduce the size of objects, and place items in front or behind each other.

However, becoming familiar with all the icon functions takes a little getting used to and can be a tad frustrating at first, especially since there aren’t any help or explanation buttons to be found. With a little more time, any questions on what icon button does what should be cleared up. One tip: once you move an item, tap somewhere else on the blue canvas to lock that item in place before moving on to another object. When an object is active it has a yellow glow around it, but the glow will disappear once it becomes locked. Once the cat masterpiece is completed, there are about 12 different colored frames to choose from. And all that’s left to do is name the artwork and save to the camera roll for later viewing.

I had a great time exploring this unique cat app because it’s visually stimulating, incredibly creative, and full of wacky and fun cat-and-sewing-themed items sure to encourage hours of creative play in your budding artist. And for $0.99 it’s hard to beat.

If you’d like to try out this fun Arts and Crafts cat app for free, there are a few promo codes below. We’d love to hear what you and your kids think of IdentiKat – a game for creative children & cats. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Really nice graphics 🙂

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    Thank you for your wonderful review! Such beautiful words really encourage us to keep working in the app environment. IdentiKat was a hard but funny work…we’ll soon have new apps for you. Best!