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Cat Wrangler – Saddle Up and Corral Them Kitties!

It’s time to round up your cat herd and wrangle them across a variety of frontiers with your objective being to get them kitties to the nearest milk watering hole. Cat Wrangler (by Untethered Productions) is a FREE casual game featuring 8 levels of feline gameplay and cat herd customization, as well as 3 game packs (1 for free, 2 others can be purchased through in app purchase providing an additional 16 levels of gameplay (total of 24 levels). Cats kind of “march to the beat to their own drum,” at least from my experience. This game challenges you to use a water spray bottle to help corral your cats to the milk watering hole on each level, which can be a pain because your cats will chase mice, frogs, aliens, and run away from animals like foxes, raccoons, and larger aliens; yes, there are aliens in this game.

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The customization part of this game allows you to name your cat herd, as well as each individual cat, which is distinguished by breed type — you’ll see what I mean when in “Manage Herd” mode. The opening screen also allows you to tap on the bottom left cat paw to figure out how to play, but honestly, this indie game is pretty easy to pick up and you’ll be wrangling cats before you know it. There is one power-up to help you and that is a super water spray that has a more robust effect on the little kitties, to get them going in the right direction. Cat Wrangler is not just for cat lovers, but for anyone who wants to play a different type of indie game that’s a step outside the usual. Watch the iPad video app demo for a complete demonstration of this application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Cat Wrangler iPad App Details

Title: Cat Wrangler
Price: Free
Size: 30.1 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Untethered Productions
Store: iTunes App Store

Cat Wrangler iPad App Download Link

Cat Wrangler - Untethered Productions

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Cat Wrangler iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Create, name and care for a herd of cats. Herd them through the old west, the desert and places far, far away.

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