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Catch Fruit – Frantic Barrel-Catching Fun!

Frantically-fun fruit-catching barrel game best describes Catch Fruit (by magadistudio). This game is all about collecting lots and lots of fruit, earning fruity badges, all while avoiding bug obstacles throughout the 2 different game modes (currently), with another game mode in development. Catch Fruit is clearly a fun Indie-style arcade game that challenges you to become a fruit collecter and launcher of sorts. The first game mode, Falling Fruit is simple by design, but becomes challenging as you progress through the badge earning. As you earn more badges, the fruit begins to fall at a rapid clip, requiring you to move your barrel like a mad man or mad woman to catch the falling fruit. Catch the fruit and you are rewarded with points, miss the fruit and you will have a small amount of points deducted. Now for the bugs! There are a variety of bugs (grasshoppers, caterpillars, etc.) falling from the sky, along with the fruit, sometimes completely intertwined with the fruit. Catching bugs deducts a heart or life, which you only have 4 of for each game. The grapefruit in this game is more or less like nitro, once you catch it everything speeds up at a rapid clip. I found this game mode to be enjoyable with all the goofy cartoon graphics and the challenge of trying to earn all the fruity badges, which I have yet to do.

Catch Fruit iPad Game App ReviewsCatch Fruit iPad Game App Reviews

The second game mode Tap and Catch is a bit more challenging. This game mode has a trampoline-type object on the far bottom left and the player taps to drop fruit on it from varying levels to launch the fruit into the large pot that rapidly moves left and right. I found this game mode to be tricky and my fruit dropping determined my accuracy of hitting the pot. This game mode is timed (45 seconds) for players to gain as many points as you can by being more or less a fruit sniper. You may notice the name of the game appears as Fruit Catcher inside the game, this is because the game is named that way on the Android Market, Amazon App Store, and Barnes and Nobles App Store. Catch Fruit, while Indie in nature provides a fun casual gaming experience. One more note, there is apparently another game mode in development, so we will update you when we find out just what that game mode provides. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Catch Fruit iPad App Details

Title: Catch Fruit
Price: $0.99
Size: 16.6 MB
Category: Games
Developer: magadistudio
Store: iTunes App Store

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Catch Fruit - magadistudio

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Catch Fruit iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Fruit catcher is about fruit ( and bugs!). The goal of the game is to catch fruit as they fall from the sky. You will get badges ( Bon Banana badge, Magnificent Mango badge…etc) along the way, if you manage to avoid bugs. Your ultimate goal is to earn the “Master Badge”.

While you play the game, keep in mind that grapes hold the highest value of all fruits you will collect. Also, when you catch grapes, the falling rate will increase consequently.

In mode 2, you will play with fruit and trampoline. In this mode, the goal is to aim for a moving vase. You have 45 seconds for each trial. If the fruit hits the vase, you get points, if not, you are deducted points.

Fruit Cather is an excellent game for all ages: children and adult. This game is engaging and fun! It will, certainly, challenge your coordination and reflexes!

Have a blast, and tell your friends about this game!

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