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Catch The Face – Silly, Fast, Face-Tapping Fun!

Catch The Face (by LL Technologies) is a simple yet fun casual game where you must catch all the silly faces before they reach the finish line and before your time runs out as you play through the 4 different game modes (Classic, Classic Time, Challenge, Challenge Time). This simple, indie iPhone game title tests your reflexes in a game of silly face recognition while you play 4 similar yet increasingly challenging game modes. Your game objective is to tap the funny face figures before they cross the finish line, moving from the bottom of the iPhone screen up towards the top. The trick is that there is only a very small area where you can tap the faces before they reach the finish line and that is just before the finish line — so you’re going to have to be quick.

The Classic game mode starts off with 4 different colored shaped faces, but when you reach 2,500 points you get an extra face added to each side (totaling 6 faces) and when you reach 6,000 points in any game mode you will be rewarded with 8 overall faces, 4 on each side. Classic game mode allows you 3 lives, which are the faces you miss tapping on (that cross the finish line). You are warned when this happens and there is a power-up that will provide you a life represented by a big red X. There are loads of power-ups and obstacles that come at you from the opposite direction (from the finish line) flowing from the top to the bottom of the iPhone screen — just to spice things up a bit. The power-ups are very helpful and can be upgraded in the Bonus Store to make them more powerful. On the flip side, there are obstacles represented by black items that make your gameplay more difficult. The Classic Time game mode has no lives, but rather a 1:30 time limit where you try to score as many points as possible to boast bragging rights in Apple Game Center where are game modes have leader board scoring.

The Challenge game modes provide an increased difficulty factor by turning all the faces blue which forcing you to determine the correct face to tap based on the goofy face shapes. Challenge is the same as Classic, and Challenge Time is the same as Classic Time, but with the same colored faces this adds a significant difficulty factor to the level that will force you to look twice. In all game modes the faces come out in a reasonable time, however, the longer you last the faster the faces come making you think quicker.

This game was unexpectedly more fun than I thought it was going to be. The challenge of trying to tap the faces at first seemed rather impossible due to the small space that you are given to tap on the faces. But, I found even as an old guy I still have fairly good reflexes. The Challenge game modes are actually my favorite because you are not just testing your reflexes but your ability for memory recall and ability to recognize shapes — albeit simple silly face shapes. Another cool feature about this game is that he developers did not create any in app purchases, but rather allow you to earn a generous amount of coins while playing the game so you can upgrade power-ups making you a bit more competitive. Be sure to watch the Catch The Face iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this silly face-tapping iPhone Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Catch The Face iPhone App Details

Title:  Catch The Face
Category: Games
Size: 8.6 MB
Developer: LL Tecnologies
Store: iTunes App Store

Catch The Face iPhone App Download Link

Catch The Face - LL Technologies

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Catch The Face iPhone Developers App Description

iOS iPhone

A new game from LL Technologies!

Try to catch the faces when they reach the highlight zone! don’t let them pass the finish line!

Pay attention! From time to time you will see bonuses and obstacles in the road. Don’t forget to catch them also!
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“Final Statement : Catch this crazy tapping, face racing game!” – WHATSONIPHONECOM

“The game offers a unique concept combined with cute graphics and a simple interface.” – THEIPHONEAPPREVIEWCOM

The game has 4 modes:
Try to catch as much faces as you can, but if you miss 3 times you will lose!

Classic Time
Try to catch as many faces as you can in 90 seconds. This mode have no strikes!

The Classic mode is too easy? Try this mode! In this mode all faces are in the same colors, so you need to recognize the faces according to the face figure!

Challenge Time
Try to catch as many faces as you can in 90 seconds, but in this mode all faces are in the same colors, so you need to recognize the faces according to the face figure!

Check out the bonus store, you can upgrade the bonuses!

The game starts with 4 faces, but they will increase to 6 faces when you get 2500 points, and to 8 faces when you get 6000 points!

Good luck!

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