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CCleaner – A Cheap Way to Make Your Mac Purr

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CCleaner, a Mac utility hard drive optimization and cleaning application (by Piriform) has come to the Mac OS platform. This application has been cleaning up computer hard drives on the PC platform for some time now, but as of 02/20/12, the app is currently cleaning a Mac near you (or should be) and here is why: this app offers a ton of FREE cleaning and optimization solutions for Mac users.

The basic functionality (or Cleaner) cleanses your Mac OS as well as any other applications on your Mac, and I must say this app is pretty detailed for a FREE version.

There is a Tool section that allows for uninstalling of applications, repairs permissions, and erases free space. Lastly, there is an Options setting that allows you to go through and keep or remove each and every cookie on your Mac, which is really enlightening when you go through the list you may be surprised. The list is alphabetized, and I was amazed at some of the trash that was on my computer. I now use MacKeeper everyday, but CCleaner is staying on my Mac for a little added cleansing too.

CCleaner FREE Mac Utility App Reviews

There is a little bit of weirdness in the Options area like when you move the box, there is a distortion of the box all together, and I’m not  exactly sure how the unwanted cookies are removed. My guess is that after checking through the list and separating what cookies I want to keep and those I want to discard, I then run the clean function and  hope this will remove the unwanted cookies.

Another oddity is that the developers have no help or FAQ’s in the app itself, but if you click on the gray pear in the upper right you will be taken to their website where there is additional information, but it would be better if you didn’t have to spend time digging through the website to potentially find what you are looking for. Aside from that,  this is a fantastic FREE Mac OS utility app to clean/optimize your hard drive and even manage your applications I think I hear my Mac purring right now. 

CCleaner Mac App Details

Title: CCleaner
Price: Free
Size: 1.6 MB
Category: Utilities
Developer: Piriform
Store: Mac App Store

CCleaner Mac App Download Link

*The CCleaner app is no longer available in the US Mac App Store.

An alternate for this app is Disk Cleaner Pro

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