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Doodle Adventure 2 (by Nevosoft) is a brain-teasing puzzle game that will challenge your logic and intuition during the 40 levels of gameplay. What you see is not always what you get in this well-designed and clever puzzle game. It has a combination of wonderful original graphics that provide a doodle feel, as well as real photos. I played through numerous levels and at first was stumped, but after completing a few, my brain started to think differently and I was able to solve the puzzles with a little more ease. Yes, so what I am saying is, this game appears to bend your mind in a good way by stretching your deduction and reasoning skills.

Doodle Adventure 2 iPad App ReviewDoodle Adventure 2 iPad App Review

The object of each puzzle is to solve it in as few taps on the image as possible. Once you solve a puzzle, depending on difficulty, you are rewarded with a coin that at the end of the game will determine what type of doodle you are. Doodle Adventure 2 is a fantastic brain-teaser app with terrifically fun and playful graphics. If your brain-teasing appetite is not satisfied with Doodle Adventure 2, then check out 20 more unique brain-teaser puzzles in Doodle Adventure 1 for FREE. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Doodle Adventure 2 iPad App Details

Title: Doodle Adventure 2
Price: $0.99
Size: 48.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Nevosoft
Store: iTunes App Store

Doodle Adventure 2 iPad App Download Link

Doodle Adventure 2 - Nevosoft

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Doodle Adventure 2 iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Wake your brain from its deep winter sleep with Doodle Adventure 2! Forty brainteasers are waiting for you. Their nontrivial solutions, won’t turn you into Einstein, but they will certainly train your brain. Some brainteasers will require denying common sense in favor of trusting your intuition! Doodle Adventure challenges drab thinking and breaks monotony!

Key features:
– Forty levels to train your brain
– An amazing set of brainteasers that will cause you to push your brain to the limits.
– Fantastic characters will cheer you up in no time
– Excellent music and fantastic graphics
– A wonderful antidote for the blues!

Nevosoft’s warning: Doodle Adventure stimulates endorphin production and alleviates depression!


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