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Chaos Minders – Retro Style Side Scrolling Challenge!

Chaos Minders is a retro style action game featuring, Crawford, our Indiana Jones wannabe who jumps and slashes his way through various jungle levels and environments within this side-scrolling action puzzler. At first take, I found this game to be impossible — but it really isn’t. The reason I say this is that when you begin to play, you will find that Crawford, our safari clad hero jumps (but not very fast — in fact, he either does a half jump or a full jump), but those jumps are slightly delayed forcing quick decisions on your part. The quick decisions are required to avoid the falling items like boulders, coconuts, and treasure chests, as well as missiles that come from enemies (on the right side of the screen). You are duly warned of impending doom, be it from above or in front of you, yet your eyes will be focused on following the loot floating in the air (with required items to be obtained) as you run by them.

In other words, you have a lot of stuff to do in this game but Crawford jumps like he is a bit uninspired, not that this is bad — in my opinion this was by design. Once you figure out Crawford’s physical abilities, you’ll discover that he’s not as totally out of shape as initially thought but a rather rugged guy. I found this to be the case after getting him killed over and over — his hat comes off, but he gets back up and is ready for more action — time and time again. Currently, there are 4 game packs featuring different jungle environments with plenty of odd enemies as well as falling items that need to be sliced.

Slicing is your main line of defense, jumping over items once they fall to the ground since you can no longer slice on them — being your second defense. Completing the level gameplay is the real trick to this action game. You’re given an objective or objectives for each level such as: collect 2 keys and 2 gold bars. As Crawford starts to run from left to right, you can only control his jumps and slicing to defend him from objects and enemies. You must jump at the right time as you pass the needed items to ensure successful level completion. An additional difficulty factor is that you must keep Crawford alive even after you have obtained all required items — which is tricky.

After you play a few levels of Chaos Minders, you will find that this game is as much of a puzzle game as it is a side-scrolling action game. You must figure out the right times to jump while avoiding the aforementioned falling items and missiles, which can be difficult and off putting for some — but, I found not giving up and pushing on to be worth it. I made a goal to make it to the second game pack and after awhile I did just that. One thing though, the levels never change so this should give you a clue that they are puzzle designed (while including action), regardless, this indie retro style game offers some good gaming fun. Chaos Minders is a unique mashup of arcade and touch gameplay and is more challenging than one would expect. While there are currently only 40 levels, there are more levels coming according to the developer, I assume for free with upgrade.

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