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Chatoms, Great Icebreaker and Conversation Starter App For iOS

Even if you weren’t born with the natural gift of gab, you can still have interesting, intelligent and funny conversations with other people thanks to this icebreaker and conversation starter app.

Chatoms Conversation Starter App iPhone App Review

Chatoms is an iPhone and iPad Entertainment app that will take your discussion topics beyond the weather and eliminate awkward social situations where everybody stands around staring at each other with nothing to say.

Now you can turn dull conversations into compelling discussions using 7 different category topics that are sure to spark a conversation between you and others. Not only are the questions in Chatoms a good way to start chatting it up with people you don’t know very well, it’s also a great way to spend time talking and hanging  out with your family, friends or significant other.

Once you open up this conversation starter app you’ll discover that Chatoms is a clean and easy-to-use application with simple retro graphics. To start your topic of discussion, there’s one random question displayed on your iPhone screen, but don’t  worry because there’s plenty more to come. The conversation topics fall into 7 different categories: Normal, Fun, Philosophy, Out There, Love, Naughty, and Personal.

iPhone App Review for the Chatoms Conversation Starter App

However, Naughty and Personal are locked and not part of the initial round of random questions displayed. If you want to include these  questions, you’ll have to turn these categories “On” manually in the Settings area. You also have the option to include or exclude as many of the 7 categories as you like. Obviously, not all categories are appropriate for all occasions and company, and some categories have more or less available questions than others.

To give you a glimpse of what the 7 different categories hold, here’s a peek at one example question from each category.

Normal: “What was the worst movie you’ve ever seen?”

Fun: “If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?”

Philosophy: “Would you give up   junk food to live 10 years longer?”

Out There: “If you could live on any TV channel, what would it be?”

Love: “When and with whom was your first kiss?”

Naughty: “What is your favorite food to bring to bed – strawberries, chocolate or whip cream?”

Personal: “What are some  of your long-term life goals?”

It’s hard to tell exactly how many available questions there are in this iPhone and iPad app overall since questions are only displayed one at a time and not listed anywhere. But after looking at several questions from all 7 categories, there appears to be enough  intriguing, interesting and fun topics to talk about. And depending upon the number of categories you have on, the random questions could be endless.

iPhone App To Start Conversations

One unfortunate thing about this conversation starter app is that once you view a question and select another one, you can’t go back to see  it again. Personally, I would prefer the option to view all the questions listed in this app and to also be able to mark my favorites.

As far as this ice break and conversation starter app goes, I think Chatoms is useful and fun for a lot of situations. It would be great for conversing with acquaintances, promoting family conversations at the dinner table or in the car, some fun laughs with your closest friends, and intimate or  spicy date conversations with your significant other. Whatever you use Chatoms for, one thing is for sure, you’ll have plenty of things to talk about.

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