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The new iPhone app (by is a cool and  easy social way to send well wishes, congratulations, expressions of love, appreciation, and positive cheer around the world in less than 30 seconds. With all the social networks out there it is kind of surprising to me that very few were specifically  designed with a focus on expressing positivity like the new app.  Since there is way too much negativity everyday, it’s about time we have an outlet to express the good stuff. is a simple-to-use  photo sharing app where you get the opportunity to express a Cheer by category such as  for a person, place or thing using your iPhone camera or an image from your camera roll. Images can be GEO tagged, comments added and shared via Twitter, Facebook, email, and of course the network. You also earn social equity in the form of Cheerfluence that is based on your activity, your images re-Cheered, etc. You will have to sign into this app using either Twitter, Facebook, or create a FREE account, which you’ll need to do even if you sign in with Twitter or Facebook.

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I found myself quickly sucked into the app after only a short period of time. I Cheered a few images, re-Cheered a couple other images, and followed a bunch of people, which by the way is very simple to do — and there are even suggested users to follow as well. There is something catchy about sharing positive things that makes one want to keep the cheering going on continuously, which is why the app’s concept spoke to me. The other quantifier that got me was the cheerfluence rating (being competitive, I found this to be somewhat fulfilling). Now, whether your cheerfluence is small or large, the most important feature of this app is to share good things with others and receive  what good things others are sharing. I see quickly catching on because most people like grabbing ahold of something positive; I know I do. Send some good positive vibes around the world today. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike FREE iPhone App Details

Price: Free
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 11.2 MB
Store: iTunes App Store FREE iPhone App Download Link -

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Cheers is the “like button” for the world around you — a fun, social way of expressing love and appreciation for anyone, anything, anywhere, in less than 30 seconds.

BEWARE: Sharing love this way may be contagious and could change the world! 🙂

Use Cheers to:
– Express appreciation for people, places or things that you love
– Share the good in your life and enjoy as others appreciate and reciprocate

Snap a picture, add a quick cheer
Share and connect on Facebook, Twitter or your address book and invite them

Try it now and see how good it feels to share Cheers!

Cheers, like love, is free… 😉

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