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This Chess App Will Improve Your Chess Game Guaranteed!

The Chess Pro – with coach app is probably the best chess app in the iTunes App Store. With over 4,000+ iTunes Reviews and an average 5-star rating, we decided to see what makes this chess app so great!

Chess Pro - With Coach Chess App

While I played chess as a kid, I really never got into the strategy part of the game. But after playing 1 game in the Chess Pro – with coach app, I literally began to understand how chess strategy works. This chess learning app makes it amazingly easy for the beginner to learn the game of chess, but it also has a host of complex features that will appeal to expert chess players as well.

Another thing that really caught my attention prior to downloading this iPhone and iPad game was a big claim made by the Chess Pro app. I’ve never read an iTunes’ app description that “guaranteed” anything, let alone guaranteeing to make me a better chess player. And while I could not find out exactly how the guarantee works (there isn’t really one), it did not matter because I did literally become a better chess player after using this chess app.

Chess Pro - With Coach Chess App

The secret behind the Chess Pro – with coach app is the “Chess Tiger” game engine. This happens to be an award-winning chess game engine and is currently one of the strongest chess engines for mobile devices. And if you think you can beat the Chess Pro – with coach, you may want to train a bit before trying.

This chess app claims to have a 2900 Elo rating, which is world champion status according to Wikipedia for the Elo rating system. Currently, the highest human FIDE Elo rating is 2872 for a guy named Magnus Carlsen, achieved in January 2013. As you can see, there is a lot of depth to this chess app.

Chess Pro - With Coach Chess App

The great thing about this educational app is that it has a very friendly user interface, making learning easy for all. The trainer is automatically setup for chess gameplay and when playing a game you will be shown the best 4 moves that a champion chess player would make. You take your pick and watch the game unfold. If you do not know how to play chess, no problem. The rules are included inside the app. And again, you can walk through each game with a trainer showing you the “chess ropes” within this chess app. As you get better at the game of chess, you can advance through all 50 levels of the trainer chess coaching.

Chess Pro – with coach has a massive amount of features. Many of these are for intermediate to expert, making this app a huge value. The developer, Christophe Théron, has done an awesome job creating this educational Games app. It has recently been updated and has no in app purchases. And since it’s iOS Universal, you get this application for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with just 1 purchase.

If you want to learn the game of chess and/or become a better chess player, download the Chess Pro – With Coach app using the links below!

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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