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Chill Out with Bowling Paradise – Zen-like Bowling iPad Game

Bowling Paradise for iPad (by InnoLab) provides a fresh Zen-like bowling experience with a variety of unique bowling alleys and lots of customizable bowling balls and pins. If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable bowling game for one person or multiple players, then Bowling Paradise for iPad may just be the game your looking for. Right away you will feel a calming effect as you enter into the app, due to relaxing music and bright 3D graphics. The graphics will catch your eye whether you’re playing at the Beach location or in the Space bowling alley because there is a real attention to detail, like the animated spaceships that zoom by during gameplay while in the Space bowling alley mode. Each bowling alley also presents a different bowling experience, such as when you’re playing at the Space bowling alley, the bowling alley is divided into two parts, where you have to fling the bowling ball hard enough so that it flies through the air down to the other part of the alley.

Bowling would not be a sport if you could not spin the bowling ball when throwing your ball down the alley towards the pins. This game has several different options to enable the spin feature. You can either use swipe, tilt, or a combination of both to spin the ball after flicking it down the alley towards the waiting pins. You’ll need to pay attention to a green line that is about two-thirds of the way down the lane because once your ball passes this line there is no more spinning available.

Bowling Paradise for iPad Games App ReviewBowling Paradise for iPad Games App Review

The “Zen-like” bowling experience continues in this game but gets a little jolt of energy with the 10 different pin and ball customization choices. The balls and pins are tricked out in a variety of colorful mixes, some with icons on them, but all very different, providing for some unique personalization for each player. Can’t seem to decide which ball or pin to choose? Don’t worry, you can select them all and each time you bowl a frame you will get different balls each time and a new pin type.

Starting a game may be a bit confusing because you first must select the game mode (single player, vs CPU, or multi-player), then return to the main menu,  then go into locations, and once you then select a location your game is ready to begin. Be sure to hold down on your desired location icon for a second to get the large green check to mark the screen in order to enter that bowling alley of choice. A couple of key features I would love to see in this game would be a variety of difficulty levels and online game play. However, Bowling Paradise for iPad is a very nicely done 3D bowling game featuring 1 player, 1 player vs. computer, and 2 to 4 multi-player pass and play providing for a uniquely calming iPad gaming experience. There is also a FREE iOS universal version called Bowling Paradise FREE  for those that want to check out this game before buying the full version. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

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