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iPad Chinese Writing – Multi-Language Experience

easy chinese writing simplified I write chinese (by Uniproducts Company) is an interactive education iPad app that teaches chinese character writing through a combination of stroke-by-stroke activity and spoken chinese “Pin Yin” phonetics that are translated for 3 other languages as well, creating a true multi-language learning experience in one application. I’m pretty sure Chinese is one of the more difficult languages to learn due to the various dialects and large number of character/compound character combinations that make up the words for this language. I’ve never had the desire to learn another language at this point in my life, due to feeling like I’m too old and mostly because I don’t  having enough time. But, if I were to venture into learning Chinese and Chinese characters/compound characters, I would certainly download this app to help me do just that.

easy chinese writing (simplified) - I write chinese iPad Education App Reviewseasy chinese writing (simplified) - I write chinese iPad Education App Reviews

As the app title states, this is truly Chinese writing simplified; there are not a lot of directions because everything is pretty straightforward once you jump in, and you’ll figure it out quickly based on the ease of user interface (UI). The home screen has 12 categories represented by colorful icons that contain the most common words (from that category) one would find useful when learning another language. Venture into any of these categories and you’ll immediately see your first Chinese character in the top left, and in the upper right you’ll see 3 flags (USA, French, and Spanish), each with the corresponding Chinese word in each respective language. Each language also includes an universal speaker icon that you can tap on to hear the word pronounced in either of the 3 languages. But, this screen is more about the Chinese character than the 3 additional languages (which I view as a big bonus); however, this is a nice touch and allows this app to be useful and enjoyable to a much wider audience.

The remaining portion of the screen, which is more than half, is made of of a drawing area where the Chinese character is to be drawn. The different areas offer  stroke-by-stroke directions, like  in the numbers section (of course), beginning with 1 and ending with however many lines there are to complete the character. A very cool feature is off in the right side of the screen, that is where you’ll find the speaker to listen to the Chinese pronunciation of the character you are learning to draw, which can be replayed as often as necessary. There is also an eraser to clear the screen and start over, as well as two arrows to move ahead and behind to the next characters. When more than one character is required to complete a word, there is a flip of the screen (drawing board turns) to draw the other part.

Another nice little touch added by the developer is that when you correctly draw the character you are working on, a smiley face will appear on the bottom right letting you know that you’ve correctly drawn that character. While the Chinese language is certainly complex, consisting of tens-of-thousands of characters, the easy chinese writing (simplified) – I write chinese iPad app is made to help you learn Chinese character writing and  language in an easy  and comfortable manner and includes a great multi-language bonus for an interesting multi-language experience. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos.

easy chinese writing (simplified) – I write chinese iPad App Details

Title: easy chinese writing (simplified) – I write chinese
Price: $1.99
Size: 44.4 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Uniproducts Company Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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easy chinese writing - yi er san - I write chinese - Uniproducts Company Ltd

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