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Christmas eCard App Gets Your Holiday Greeting Out In The Nick of Time!

If you just missed the mailing deadline this year to get your Holiday greeting cards out and delivered before Christmas, fear not because you can still send a heartfelt greeting with the help of this quick and easy ecard app. The CardBuilder ~ Christmas ecard app by Tapfuze turns your iPad into a virtual Christmas card creating machine. And the best part is, not only does it save you time and postage, it will only take you a few minutes from start to finish to create quality Christmas postcards worth sharing with all your family and friends.

Christmas eCard App

Whether it’s too late to get a real card out in the mail, you can’t spare the time or expense to send cards, or just prefer the high tech ecard versions, The CardBuilder ~ Christmas ecard app will fill the need. This iPad Photography app comes with 19 Christmas themed templates to help you create and send a variety of Text Only greetings or Photo and Text greetings this year. Although this iPad app lacks religious templates to celebrate the true meaning of the season, there are plenty of simple and festive designs included.

There are traditional red and green backgrounds, snowy backgrounds, postcards with Christmas tree borders, gingerbread man borders, and even 2 templates that include a glass ornament and snow globe for you to insert your special photos into. Currently, there are 13 templates under the Photo & Text category and only 6 templates in the Text Only category, which pretty much duplicates the ones seen in the Photo & Text selection.

iPad eCard App Creator

The user interface is amazingly simple and intuitive, with limited choices and easy taps on the screen to lead you through the whole process.

How To Create Your Own Christmas eCard Postcard

To start, just choose 1 of the 2 template choices (Text Only or Photo & Text), scroll through the sliding gallery of template options, choose the one you like best and you’re on your way. With a flip of the iPad screen you’re ready to start customizing. I chose a Photo & Text greeting template and selected a photo from my library. You can easily rotate and scale your photos to fit. If you don’t have any good personal photos to add, you can still add seasonal images for an extra festive touch like I did. I had some saved wallpaper backgrounds, from a Christmas wallpaper app, and was able to add a great snowman photo into the glass ornament template for a really beautiful looking Holiday card.

This Christmas ecard app also comes with 9 different filters, allowing you to see changes real time. Next, you type your message on the keyboard, scroll to the next screen to customize font, size, align left, right or center and change word color using 27 different options. If you want to change your message or make any corrections at any time, this Christmas ecard app makes it a breeze to make adjustments. And when you’re totally happy with your Christmas postcard, you can send it to one or many people at once through email, as well as share on Facebook and Twitter, and even save to your photo library. The whole process of creating my own custom Christmas postcard took me literally less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

CardBuilder Christmas eCard App

Truthfully, I prefer getting Christmas invitations and Christmas cards in the mail during the Holiday season, but the CardBuilder – Christmas ecard app is a good alternative to sending out Holiday greetings the old fashioned way. And it does provide a perfect opportunity to share quality Christmas postcards and Holiday love with all the people you hold near and dear in your life. Thanks to modern technology and instant communication, it’s never to late.

Download The CardBuilder ~ Christmas eCard App Now!

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