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Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs App

Starting in early November, that’s when we all begin to “hear” the first hints of the upcoming holiday season. You start recognizing the familiar Christmas tunes everywhere you go right after Halloween. And since Christmas music is so infectious, it’s not long before you find yourself happily chiming in. And it’s not hard to belt out that first line, but before you know it you’re humming along because (if you’re like most people) you have no idea what the rest of the words are. Well, there’s an iPhone and iPad Music app called Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs, by italiamultimedia. This Christmas karaoke app offers 16 Christmas-themed songs, Karaoke style sing-along videos with highlighted lyrics, background choir singers, and some tidbits of information for each song.


This simple and intuitive Christmas karaoke app features 16 Christmas song choices, with a slight variation in sound. The overall musical style throughout is choir singing: traditional carolers, adult choirs, children’s choir, and a few contemporary pieces sprinkled in, but even these have a choir in the mix. To me, it’s just not Christmas without a choir singing and is one of the things that I like about this Christmas karaoke app. You’ll find many classic songs such as: “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Hark The Herald Angels Sing,” and “Silent Night,” among others. But not all songs in this iPhone and iPad Music app were exactly what I expected. I was surprised to find the familiar 1967 gospel song arrangement “Oh Happy Day,” which was a pleasant surprise. And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without those contemporary goodwill songs too: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” (by Band Aid), the 1984 hit to raise awareness about the famine in Ethiopia, and John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” song.


Christmas Karaoke provides the familiar highlighted lyrics (words) to help you keep proper pace. It’s helpful to have the white words gradually fill in with red color as you sing each word. And each word doesn’t fill in completely until even the longest note is complete, so as long as you’re watching you’ll keep perfect timing. Another nice feature is the “beat dots.” These small dots fill in one at a time indicating the proper time to start singing or to take a break and rest in between, unless you’re looking for your own solo spotlight? Even if you don’t feel like singing, you can just listen to the short music videos and/or watch the lyrics, which will help you finally learn the words to all those songs you don’t know.

Being a bit of an information geek, I appreciated that the developers included some background history for each of these Christmas karaoke songs (song origin, composer, first performance, etc.). Although the information is not all that riveting, the facts are informative. On the downside (for me), some of the songs performed by well-known artists are stripped out of the voice recording, which is the lead part. You won’t hear the voice of John Lennon, nor will you hear Bing Crosby belt out “White Christmas,” but these song renditions are nice and give you a chance to totally shine in the lead role. This is a karaoke app after all.

Overall, I really enjoyed Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs. I think this iPhone and iPad Music app is a pretty clever idea, is portable, pleasant to listen to, and fun to try out with family and friends. But the best thing is, now you and I can sing along to all those Christmas songs we didn’t know the words to before. And humming is just an option.

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