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Listen To Christmas RADIO Songs With This Christmas Radio App!

I’m one of those geeks who just adores listening to Christmas radio music 24/7 all throughout the holiday season and right up through the New Year. Every year I eagerly anticipate my local radio stations playing all my holiday favorites starting as early as November 01st. But, if you need more Christmas radio than your local radio station can provide, you’ll enjoy the Free iPhone and iPad Christmas RADIO app because it gives you Christmas music all year long and from all around the world.

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iPad Christmas Radio App Review

The Christmas RADIO app originally released in December of ’08 and has received many updates, with the most recent one on December 13th of this year fixing some minor bugs and adding more radio channels. I love this Christmas music app because of the wide mix of Christmas song styles and the fact that I can hear holiday music played from all around the world (United States, Germany, France, Greece, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland and more). So for the Christmas music lover, this is a smorgasbord deluxe of holiday music, and there’s a music style to please everyone. I counted 45+ Christmas radio stations to tune into inside this holiday music app. I have to admit, scrolling through the numerous Christmas radio app channels makes me feel like a little kid on a hunt to discover what musical surprises are awaiting me on each of the individual stations.

Christmas Radio App Review

There are plenty of stations globally, as well as internet based from around the world. Speaking of kids, kids will enjoy discovering music from Santa’s home base. The North Pole Radio is actually broadcast from the North Pole. What little kid wouldn’t love that? There are many other great Christmas radio channels like: 181.FM – Christmas Rock, 181.FL – Kristmas Kountry, Christmas 24/7, Radio Santa Clause, The Cutting Edge of Christmas, Calm Radio, 181.FL – Christmas R&B, and way too many more to mention. However, today when I checked out Christmas for the first time, I didn’t hear anything that even remotely resembled Christmas themed music, so I’m not sure why it’s here in this Christmas radio app?

iPhone Christmas Radio App

On the different channels you’ll hear plenty of old nostalgic favorites by the original artists as well as old and new songs performed by the latest artists. To make your radio channel selection easy, most stations have a music genre somewhere in their title, so it’s easy to select your music style preference. While listening I discovered plenty of jazz, rock, new age, techno, rap, country, gospel, oldies and more. I also like tuning into some of the international stations (outside US) to listen in to hear what the different countries are listening to, as well as to hear the various languages spoken and/or sang.

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There’s not a whole lot of “eye candy” in this app to look at, but the snow covered background graphic of Santa with his reindeer-pulled sleigh adds a festive touch. However, since the Christmas RADIO app is free, you will see ads. The ads can get to be a bit annoying because they don’t just sit at the bottom of the screen, but also appear as full ad pop ups each time you switch channels. But remember, this is a Free app and I consider it a small price to pay for being able to easily enjoy Christmas music on demand. There are also some nice extra touches you’ll enjoy in this Christmas music app, like a handy volume slider to adjust the volume quickly, and the ability to always know what station you’re on and the artist and song playing because it’s displayed on the screen for you.

iPad Christmas Radio App Review

A couple of things you should know: you’ll need a WiFi connection/connectivity to have access to all these stations, and it may take a few seconds switching between stations due to buffering time. Some stations connected faster than others, and 1 or 2 channels I just didn’t have the patience to wait for. There is also the option to use this Christmas radio app with your Apple TV (might be good for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties). You can also play your music channel in the background on your device as you do other things. One note of caution from the developer: “Verify if your account has an unlimited data plan to prevent unanticipated charges!” Whether you like listening to the Christmas radio app during the holiday season or all year long, Christmas RADIO is great choice for your listening pleasure. And one very last thing, the Christmas RADIO app is also available for Android devices (see the Google Play Store download link below).

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