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Look and Find Game – Christmas Spot It, Free Christmas App

Back when I was a kid, spot the difference or look and find games were some of my favorite game activities to play, especially the holiday-themed ones. I still enjoy this type of activity, but even more so nowadays with iPhone games like Christmas Spot It (by Tobi Apps Limited). This Free iPhone Games app provides a Christmas-themed photo hunt game with 10 quality photo images, 3 difficulty modes, and timed gameplay as you hunt through the images to spot the slight differences between 2 similar photos.

Christmas Spot It is a simple but entertaining look and find game good for the whole family. This app has an intuitive user interface with cartoon graphics, jingling bells, pleasant music (which surprisingly isn’t Christmas-themed, but nice nonetheless), quality photo images of things like puppies, kittens, christmas trees, gingerbread houses, and more.

In Christmas Spot It, you can choose to play at 1 of the 3 difficulty modes (easy, normal, or hard), but to get the most play value out of this look and find game, I’d start on easy. According to the level difficulty chosen, you have to find 2, 3 or 5 differences in the least amount of time possible, and if you solve the puzzle quickly you’ll have the extra time added to the next level (10 in all).


When you start at level 1, you’ll begin with approximately 1 minute to discover all the differences. Remember, if you get stuck, there are 4 hints to help you out over the 10 levels, but choose wisely. Surprisingly, I didn’t spot all the differences the first time through on the easy level and had to use a hint or two to beat my quickly disappearing time. If you run out of time on any level, you’ll have to start the whole game all over again on level 1. However, you do have an option to stop/pause a game and resume it again, or restart a game, which has you start again on the first level.

Christmas Spot It settings are preset to have music on, and jingling sounds become active when you tap a photo image in the wrong spot (which activates when you receive a red “X”). This may get annoying to some people, but personally I don’t mind jingling bells this time of year. However, you can turn off any of these sounds on the home screen if they bother you. After you get through all 10 levels and 3 difficulty modes, you may find that you’re having so much fun and want to keep going. If you do, then you can purchase 40 more of these spot the difference photo images for $1.99.

Christmas Spot It is a simple and fun game to spark some Christmas cheer, and is great to play if you have a few minutes and just want something that’s not going to be too involved. It’s also a nice ice-breaker at a party and an entertaining game to pass around to family and friends to challenge each other to spot all the differences in the least amount of time to reach high score. So, if you also love these quick but challenging games like me, you’ll want to check out this Free iPhone Games app.

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