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Classroom Spelling – Massive Spelling Education App!

Classroom Spelling (by AtReks) is an iPhone and iPad Education app for young children that contains over 700 words, multiple spelling lists, 3 learning modes, the ability to record your own voiced spelling words, content for some special needs students, and some fun dinosaur animations. I found this app to be an easy to use and an intuitive spelling Education app that packs a lot of content into 3 learning modes to help young children learn how to spell.

The 3 modes of learning in this app are put into Learning, Practice, and Test. The later 2 modes build upon the first, and obviously most importantly — Learning. The Learning mode is the beginning or introduction to words: what letters they are made up of and how the word and individual letters in them sound. There are 2 different letter pronunciations: the alphabet letter sound and the phonics letter sound, which depends on what spelling list you are using — built in phonics word lists or built in spelling lists. The Learning mode allows children to place a chosen letter into the correct spot by sounding it out, but they cannot place a wrong letter into the spot because this mode only allows for the correct letter to be placed into the correct spot.

The Practice learning mode is a little more difficult, in that kids cannot see the letters that form the word, but they can hear the word, and again, they can only place the correct letter into the correct space to spell the word they are working on. Finally, the Test mode is where kids will put what they have learned and practiced into a 10 question quiz that randomly selects the same words for the spelling list they have been working on, scoring them during this quiz, which can be reviewed in the History tab on the home screen. The Test mode does allow for wrong letters to be placed into a word they are forming, and once a letter is placed, it cannot be moved, thus, a wrongly spelled word initially will remain until the quiz is retaken.

classroom spelling iPhone education video app demo

There are a large amount of spelling lists to select from with up to 200+ words on some spelling lists, as well as relevant lists like a Calendar spelling list that teaches very common, but more difficult words for kids to learn how to spell and use. This app uses the technique of sight and hearing to teach kids how to spell words, as well as touch to place the letters in the correct locations. There is a mini-game that rewards kids for correctly spelled words, which involve dinosaurs that fly up from the bottom of the screen and when tapped on they parachute back down. This app also has lots of customization, as well as some Special Needs accommodation for touch settings and visually impaired children.

classroom spelling iPhone education video app demo

Another important feature relevant to apps created for children is the many features that prevent kids from leaving the application (no external linking), as well as buttons that take long presses to enter areas such as the settings (to prevent young kids from getting lost inside the app or changing the settings). The price is the only part of the app that I think could be better. While the app has a lot of content, which is great at $3.99, this could be a cost that might take the app out of some families’ reach. Perhaps a better way to sell this app would be to have initial packs and the “Create Your Own” spelling lists priced at $0.99 and provide the remaining spelling content as in app purchases, just a thought. However, Classroom Spelling provides a very mellow and nice interactive multi-sensory learning approach to teaching kids a necessary skill: how to spell. Be sure to watch the Classroom Spelling iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Education app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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