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Clear a path for Flight Control (Video)

The developers at Firemint have turned out a very simple yet addictive game in Flight Control.  This game app was released on 02/26/09 and it is currently on sale in the iTunes Store for $.99.

I learned how to play this game in about 5 seconds far faster than most games. The object of the game is simple.  Land the planes safely.  The game has at least four types of flying machines to deal with (3 different plans and 1 helicopter).   At the beginning of game play the planes start to come out from various sides of the screen (slowly).  You direct the plane based on its color to the corresponding landing strip or pad.  Once the plane or helicopter turns white it is on course to land.  So with one swipe you are landing planes and helicopters rather effortlessly.  One word of advice.  Be careful, you will undoubtedly need to redirect your flying machines as the game time increases.  Early in the game the first few planes were very easy to land. Then a few more came out, but no stress, just had to open my eyes a little wider.  Well, after landing about 10 planes my screen was filled up all types of planes.  Some fast, some slow, some red, some yellow, a helicopter or two and then it happened.  The sound of crunching metal, which meant I caused an airplane crash.  Good thing this is just a game and not real life.  The highest number of planes I landed was 32 (not bad for a novice). A little tip, the big red planes move much faster than all others.  This game has plenty of room for expansion, possibly different airports, more flying machines, different game modes, etc.  But all in all I love this game and will no doubt be playing this for quite a while.  Flight Control received 4.5 stars out of 25 reviews in the iTunes store.

Flight Control

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