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Clock App – World Famous Clocks Speak and Burp Time

Clock app BurpingClock a utilities app for the iPhone and iPad makes checking the time quite interesting to say the least. This unique and funny clock app does what it says, it burps/belches the time featuring more than 15 world famous clocks, several international voices to speak the time and much more. This app may appear as a prank application on the outside, but in fact this app does have a classy side and really shines whether it’s used on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The name “BurpingClock” may be misleading because you do not have to have the time spoken in burps if you choose not to. However, this is a silly aspect because the classic spoken time example for this app is a very formal-sounding British voice, with identification of the time down to the seconds after 3 or 4 burps — and the burps are authentically real.


There are more voice options such as: American English (male/female), French (male/female), and British/French burped voice, which is the entire time, date, announcement in burps. This kind of activity reminds me of stuff I thought of and did as a kid, but don’t let the burps fool you, this app features real pictures of 15+ iconic “real world clocks” like Big Ben, Grand Central Station, Library of Congress, Palace of Versailles, and many more. And what good would a time-telling app be if it did not keep accurate time, which this app does down to the burp, or um — second that is. I checked this clock app and each world clock shows the correct time no matter what time of day, and the spoken burp time announcement always sounds perfectly the same, no differences no matter what time or clock that’s a pretty amazing feat of development if you ask me.

Now, I know some will balk and think this app is stupid, which I understand, but if this is you, then realize you can adjust the settings to have no spoken time announcement, or a variety of other ways that do not include the silly, yet classy burping fun. There are additional settings to add comments in the form of praises or insults. The insults are very amusing and the praise may just pick you up if you’re feeling a bit under valued. BurpingClock offers both a classy yet silly clock that keeps accurate time, is an exceptional time-spoken time app with precise world clock views, and has multiple features. I think this iOS Universal clock app is very cool. Watch our BurpingClock iPad App Video Demo for a look at how this iOS Universal Utilities application works.

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