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CloudMagic Android Email App, Get All Your Emails In One App – Brilliant!

CloudMagic Android email app review

Being a former iPhone user, I really missed having all my email addresses in one app after switching to the Galaxy Note 3 on the Android OS. But with the CloudMagic Android email app, I once again have the convenience of all my email addresses in one app, albeit not exactly as they were on the iOS platform. However, CloudMagic is by far the best Android email app, featuring a minimalistic user interface, lightning fast email delivery via the cloud, and a super cool “Cards” feature that lets you integrate your email with a variety of other apps.

Android Email Application Review for CloudMagic

CloudMagic Android Email App Overview

The average person uses at least 2 email addresses. Typically, 1 being a work email and the other a personal email. But in my case, as well as many others, I use 4 email addresses, 2 Gmail, 1 iCloud, and a Microsoft Exchange email address. As I already mentioned, when I had an iPhone the native iOS email app was quite good, showing all my email addresses in one app along with those account folders. But once I switched to a Galaxy Note 3, I quickly found out that I had to use 2 or more email apps to view all of my emails. And worst of all, since Gmail went and screwed up the mobile Gmail Inbox, I hardly ever used my Android Gmail app. Enter stage right, CloudMagic and “voila”! I now get all my emails in one in box, and I can view them in their individual accounts; it’s my choice.

The only thing missing for me in this killer email app are the notification indicator. You know, the little red bubble that appears on the upper left of the app icon for the Native iOS email app and my current Microsoft Exchange Android app. But in the big picture, this is just little extra that would make this app perfect. CloudMagic does have numerous very nice features that will absolutely make this your “goto” Android email app and may even sway you iOS users to use the CloudMagic iOS Universal app as your “goto” email application.

Email App Review for Android

Besides being a really great “all in one” email app, CloudMagic also provides integration with several other applications by use of “Cards.” Current applications that CloudMagic integrates with are, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Evernote, Pocket, and Trello, with more apps soon to follow.

Being a daily Evernote user I saved an important iCloud email to my selected Evernote Notebook and found not just my most recent email to be in the note, but the whole email conversation (including reference links). This feature will likely change the way I use email folders. In some cases I may use 2 email addresses for 1 project, having folders for each in both email accounts. Now I can have 1 central folder for a project, stored in the cloud on Evernote, using CloudMagic to facilitate the delivery of emails as “cards.”

CloudMagic App Android App Review

Pocket also allows for easy note creation, and as a bonus you will always get some type of User Profile for each email as a card. Other current card functionality is as follows: – allows you to add emails, leads, and contacts quickly and see Salesforce info for contacts; Zendesk – Create tickets from emails and update existing tickets, Mailchimp – See Mailchimp info for contacts and assign contacts to a list, and Trello – Create a Trello card from an email and choose board, list or assignees.

CloudMagic also has cool little features when inside an email. For example, star or favorite an email and hold down on the star and a reminder notification will pop up, providing you with a time reminder to be reminded to follow-up on that email. While you cannot access all email account folders, you can move your email to any of your chosen email account’s folders. And you can set an overall Archive folder for any of your email accounts.

CloudMagic Android App Review

Additional CloudMagic features include: Lightning fast, powerful email-search searches across all your mailboxes, works for all types of email: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail,, iCloud, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, GMX, AOL and other IMAP accounts; Push notifications, works offline, passcode lock, CloudMagic in your language, move to folders/labels, threaded conversation view, and quick swipe actions from inbox. You can also easily access all your file folders for each account by simply tapping the down arrow for any of your email accounts, pretty awesome.

Is CloudMagic Easy to Setup/Use?

YES! CloudMagic is very easy to setup and currently supports the following email accounts: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Email for Office 365, email, IMAP, iCloud, Google Apps email – and I am sure more are to follow. Once you enter in your email account names and passwords, your emails for each account start to show up immediately. Once again, CloudMagic takes a minimalist approach to aggregating your email, letting you focus on those emails from a mobile perspective.

Personally, I am a huge CloudMagic fan and highly suggest this Android email app to get all your emails in one app. And for iOS users, there is good reason for you to use this app as your all-in-one email app. If the minimalist design does not grab you, then maybe the card feature will?

You can download your free copy of the CloudMagic Android email app or iOS version using the download links below.

Download The CloudMagic Android Email App Now!

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Developer: CloudMagic, Inc.
Android Communications/Business Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.0.20
CloudMagic - Email App
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 05/01/2014
The CloudMagic Android email app gives you 1 place to find all your emails and syncs with Pocket and EverNote.
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

With offices in Palo Alto, CA and Bangalore, India, CloudMagic Inc. has developed CloudMagic Mail which lets knowledge workers conduct their workflows (CRM, project management, collaboration, marketing & more) inside their mobile mail.

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