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Coco Loco – Angry Marshmallows Out For Justice

Coco Loco (by Chillingo) is a physics-based puzzle game featuring a land of zany smore-type characters that takes place in 4 different environments, each with 15 levels — just thinking about it is making me hungry. You are angered after hearing the legend from the elders of how the “Coco Bean Guardians” have mistreated and captured your kinsmen. Now, you are on a mission (60 to be exact currently) to free your own kind from the nasty chocolate guards. You rescue your friends by launching them (or sacrificing them, depends how you look at it) into various objects, through jelly, and other physics-based oddities that make this game really fun to play. There are vats of flowing chocolate liquid to free your friends, lots of different marshmallows (each with their own skill) — there’s no shortage of chocolate marshmallow fun, which by the way is making me crave a smore now!

Coco Loco iPhone App ReviewCoco Loco iPhone App Review

Coco Loco is an excellent casual game for the iPhone and iPad with a whimsical storyline, great physics gameplay and pretty much unique everything — a must have for any and all iOS gamers looking to indulge in some whacky and fun game time. Watch the video below for a complete video app review for this iPhone game. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Coco Loco™ iPhone App Details

Title: Coco Loco™
Price: $0.99
Size: 19.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Coco Loco™ - Chillingo Ltd

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Coco Loco™ iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

“Coco Loco is a fantastic physics based puzzle game, the best to hit the iPhone in a long time.” — The Smartphone App Review, 90/10

“Coco Loco is Jaw-dropping…” — AppCroc

“You will quite literally be hooked within the first 5 levels, fun and simple, nothing else I could ask for.” — App-Score, 9/10

“Coco Loco is tasty in its own right, and offers variation on a beloved theme done with charm and just enough strategic differences to keep it from being redundant.” — 148Apps, 4/5

“If you are looking for another good physic based puzzle game you should download this game…” — Internet Gumshoe, 84/100

“Coco Loco is an unexpected treat in the tired genre of 3-star physics puzzle clones on the App Store, and proves that with enough innovation, charm, and polish, any genre of game can be made fresh and fun again.” — TouchGen, 4.5/5

“Overall, Coco Loco is a fantastic physics based puzzle game, the best to hit the iPhone in a long time.” — AppAddict, 4.5/5

It’s time for the Cocoa Bean Guardians to ‘Mallow’ out. Take control of a troop of fearless marshmallow heroes as you set out to rescue your friends from the candy clutches of the nasty chocolate guardians. Traverse across strange wildernesses using each Marshies’ special skill and show those chocolate chumps that you’re not as soft as you look!

Whack each mallow with your trusty baseball bat and watch them fly gracefully (er…sometimes) through the air and smash into the sturdy chocolate forts. Many of the Marshie have special skills from giant Jello Marshies to slice-and-dicing ninja-mallows!

Your sweet adventure will take you across four vastly different environments from green rolling hills, to deep underground caverns. Each zone features 15 stages, watch as the challenge really ramps up!

Use the incredible in-game physics including splashing and sloshing chocolate milk, gusts of wind, gravity and the unique effect of super sticky jelly!

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