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Coign of Vantage – Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Do you have the creativity and depth of vision to master this 3D pixel game where you must maneuver the pixels until the accepted 2D image is revealed? Now you see it, now you don’t, while the title of this blog may sound like a cliche magic trick — it isn’t and it refers to the image you are trying to find in the 3D pixels available. Coign of Vantage a very successful Flash game has now made its way to the iPhone and iPad as a slick easy-to-play game where you must spin the 3D colored pixels into the right angle to form the picture in the top right. There are 2 game modes to this game: Main Game where each time you solve a puzzle it gives you more time, the faster you solve a puzzle the more time that is added, and the longer you can play the higher score you can get. Then, there is Play 10 on Time where you have to solve 10 puzzles of various images in 1:30 seconds — and presents a pretty decent challenge.

Coign of Vantage iPhone Game App ReviewCoign of Vantage iPhone Game App Review

This image finding game appears to be impossible at first but quickly gets you to see things in a different way. As you work towards the image revelation, the relaxing classical music really helps you to focus and de-stress while playing. The images range from a variety of items and can all be found in the image gallery within this application. If you like, you can check your high score in Apple Game Center. I think an outstanding feature that would be really cool to add to this game would be online peer-to-peer gameplay through Apple Game Center allowing you to challenge others to a “picture off” to see who can find the image faster. Coign of Vantage can also be played for FREE by downloading Coign of Vantage Lite. Let your creativity and depth of vision be your guide in this image finding game, and be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete walkthrough of this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Coign of Vantage iPhone App Details

Title: Coign of Vantage
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 8.9 MB
Developer: Bobblebrook
Store: iTunes App Store

Coign of Vantage iPhone App Download Link

Coign of Vantage - bobblebrook

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Coign of Vantage iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

The Flash game hit featured on, kotaku and FHM – finally on your iPhone & iPad!

“Coign of Vantage” is a unique little “zen exercise” (, in which you turn a cloud of particles until they line up and form an image.

We’ve taken the minimalist aesthetics and free-flowing gameplay of the original Flash game, and retailored them for touch input and the superior graphics power of your iOS device. The result is a beautiful and relaxing experience, quite unlike any other iOS game you’ve played.


“… fans of the Flash game will find the iOS version to be absolutely fantastic and well worth the money.”, 4/5

“Coign of Vantage is one of coolest games on the App Store …”, 4/5

“It’s exciting and addicting, but still rather relaxing at the same time.”, 5/5

“… anyone who’s a fan of puzzle games would be hooked on Coign of Vantage the first time they play it.”, 4.5/5


“… a compelling mix of puzzle and tactile elements.”
What’s new
Disabled the automatic hint system after two images.

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