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College iPhone App – Survival Guide for Freshmen

The College 101: Freshmen Tips app is a survival guide offering commonsense tips and advice to help incoming college freshmen get off to a great start. With two kids of our own quickly approaching college age, it’s nice to know that there is a college iPhone app like the College 101: Freshmen Tips app to help them navigate this new stage in their lives.

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Since the first semester of college will be the first extended time away from home for many young students, this college iPhone app is a handy reference guide on “what to do” and “what not to do” for overall academic and social success. College 101: Freshmen Tips covers many useful topics for the college newbie and is a worthy read before heading off to the dorm, as well as to have during the school semester.

Topics in the College 101: Freshmen Tips App:
– What to do before college starts?
– What to bring to college?
– What NOT to bring to college?
– Financial tips – learn them!
– The Freshmen dictionary!
– How to be popular?
– The top 10 things you need to know!
– What classes should you take?
– Homework Disasters… and how to avoid.
– Buying / Renting Textbooks!
– How to stay and eat healthy in college.
– The dreaded freshmen 15!
– 10 tips for good grades.
– College application advice & tips

Having gone through this iPhone and iPad app, I did discover quite a bit of valuable information that’s good to know for the new college student, and maybe even mom and dad.

There are some simple item suggestions that you may have overlooked on your campus prep list like: a Brita water filter for safe drinking water from the room’s faucet. This is better than wasting money on bottled water.  Or the need for rolls of quarters to operate laundry machines to wash clothes, a safe to prevent valuables from being taken by unscrupulous roommates, or even rain gear (umbrella, etc.) to keep dry when hiking across campus in the pouring rain.

This college iPhone app also provides a list of the most commonly banned items by most college dorms. Some of the most obvious items are candles, space heaters, wok grills, electric skillets, pets, live Christmas trees, etc. The College 101: Freshmen Tips app also touches upon some very basic tips for saving money during freshman year, and even provides warnings not to apply for any credit cards.


One fun aspect to the College 101: Freshmen Tips app is a compiled list of the most common popular words and phrases used across today’s campuses. This college iPhone app also offers a sort of a pep talk with tips on how to break the ice, make friends and fit in. There are also tips on how to form good homework habits so that they’re less likely to fall into “homework disasters.”

College 101: Freshmen Tips also provides a list of 10 sites where students can rent textbooks online and comparison shop as another alternative to buying books. A tip in this college iPhone app is to check out the Facebook fan pages of these sites for potential money saving deals only offered to fans.

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Surprisingly, the Food & Health and Testing & Studying categories had the most subcategories with good advice on topics such as: Homesickness, Managing ADHD, Alcohol Abuse, Healthy College Food, 10 Easy Recipes, etc. There are also test-taking tips, suggestions for dealing with anxiety, study secrets, and more. College 101: Freshmen Tips even comes with built-in notepad and calculator features. And a quick 10 question quiz (on the content provided in this app) to test some of their learned knowledge.

Overall, I think the College 101: Freshmen Tips app is a good guide for the newbie college student. Much of the advice seems like commonsense, some silly, but for somebody out on their own for the first time, it could be a great help to staying on track and doing well in school. The only downside to this free college iPhone app are the ginormous ads that appear at the top and bottom of each screen.

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