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Most college students keep very hectic schedules when classes are in session and have a lot of information to keep in order, but now they can easily keep track of pretty much everything college related with the College T.A. (by ArcDNA Inc.). This FREE iPhone app has a variety of college specific categories or buckets to place activities, clubs, schedules, assignments, professor information, and more — all in one app. Looking back to my college days, we did not have cell phones, and the management of classes was kept in day runners, if you were geeky enough to have one. Now, with the help of College T.A, you have an app that (when you first open) gives you a daily dashboard for what is going on in your college life. The home screen has all your categories in images or lines of text that can easily be transported with you to where you want to go, or need to go quickly. Also, on the home screen is a brief weather summary and an image in the top right that you can change out.

College T.A FREE iPhone App ReviewsCollege T.A FREE iPhone App Reviews

A few of the key sections in this app are the Registrar’s section and of course the calendar. The Registrar’s section keeps all your college info in a nice neat area, again which is accessible from the home screen. The categories in the Registrar’s section of this app include: 1) courses, 2) professors, 3) assignments, 4) jobs, 5) events, and 6) organizations, all of which can have information entered in for each category in this section, and most can be synced with your iPhone’s calendar. The calendar portion of this app is the other main portion for students to keep track of those really important due dates for assignments and exams. But, College T.A is not all work and no play — gotta have a little fun sometime. This app has Twitter integration, which can easily be accessed from the big light blue bird on the homescreen, and there is a College T.A community, which can be accessed by swiping up the home screen to expose a small line at the bottom of the screen; tap on the chat bubble here and you can post and read messages by other College T.A app users. The College T.A iPhone app does a fantastic job of putting most of the important aspects of a college student’s life into one app for a one-stop location to keep organized and “in the know” for what’s going on. For more iPhone app videos, check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

College T.A FREE iPhone App Details

Title: College T.A
Price: FREE
Category: Productivity
Size: 16.6 MB
Developer: ArcDNA Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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College T.A - ArcDNA Inc.

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College T.A iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Featured as #1 New & Noteworthy Education App by Apple!

Featured in What’s Hot in Education by Apple!

‘College T.A covers pretty much everything any student could need-Essentially College T.A is a potential lifesaver”

The life of a college student can be a confusing whirlwind that involves balancing your academic and social lives. However, College TA, the next generation of college planners is here. College TA assists users with managing their personal, social, and academic lifestyles, all on a beautiful and simplistic design.


Student’s can quickly become overwhelmed with their course load and the amount of work involving each class. College TA allows users to easily organize their course work through the assignments feature. Within assignments, users can quickly:
– Quickly input and delete assignments
– Create customizable alerts
– Automatically add assignments to today list
– Select the type of assignment for a specific course.

A semester for a full time student is typically comprised of at least five classes. Therefore, remembering the time and location of a class can easily become a challenging task. College TA assists you with managing all of the important information concerning your courses. The Courses feature within College TA allows users to quickly enter:
– Your course name
– Your course location
– Your course’s start and end date
– Customizable course reminders

As a student you’re always on the go. Therefore, you need an app that conforms to your lifestyle. With its simplistic To-DO List, College TA is with you every step of the way. Whether it’s a spur of the moment brilliant idea, or a simple grocery list, College TA has you covered. The To-Do List feature within College TA allows users to quickly:
-Quickly input or remove tasks

The path to success involves participation in a wide range of organizations and groups. However, balancing these responsibilities can easily become a headache. However, College TA manages all of your organizations so that you can focus on the more important tasks at hand. College TA’s Organization section includes:
– Your Organization’s Name
– Your Position in the Organization
– Meeting Time and Location
– Organization Type

Keeping track of your professor’s information can easily become a difficult task for any student. However, with College TA, keeping track of your syllabi is a thing of the past. For the full time college student remembering the names and office hours of their professors can be a difficult task. College TA has a Professors feature that will be more convenient than the typical paper syllabus. The Professors feature within College TA allows users to enter:
– Your professor’s name
– Your professor’s email address
– Your professor’s office number, office hours, and office location.

The life of college student can easily become a confusing carousel of activities and events. However, with College TA, users can easily manage and track all of their events. The Events feature on College TA allows users to enter:
– Name of the event
– Event location
– Type of event
– Date of the event.

A job can consume a very large portion of the week and can cause an abundance of time management issues. Things can get worst if you have trouble remembering your schedule. However, College TA has incorporated a Jobs feature that allows users to enter in specific job information such as:
– Name of your job
– Your job title
– Your company’s address

With College TA, users can now sync their personal calendar so that all the information entered will display on your iOS calendar and College TA’s.

What’s new

College TA “Phoenix”

When a Phoenix reaches the end of its life it burns fiercely and is reduced to ashes. However, from those ashes the phoenix is reborn anew. Our “Rise of the Phoenix” update symbolizes the rebirth of College TA. We have completely redesigned our award-winning app to include over ten new and innovative features.


New Interface

We are excited to unveil our beautiful new interface. We have completely redesigned our interface around the ideals of elegance and simplicity. With our new interface users can now view a brief snapshot of all the important tasks and events of their day all on an innovative new interface.

Today’s Plans

Our today’s plans feature allows you too quickly view all of the current day’s tasks and events on your schedule.


You can now create a playlist of your favorite tunes from your iTunes content to listen to while you study.

Advisor’s Guide

Our Advisor’s Guide section provides you with helpful tips as you progress from Freshman to Senior year. This section will continue to update to include new and helpful tips for academic success.


Our new update includes Twitter integration. You can now update and manage your Twitter account directly from College TA.


College TA now displays daily weather reports for your location.

Locker Room

Our locker room feature is the central hub for all of the essentials of student life. The locker room will continue to expand as we release new features in future scheduled updates.

Updated To-do List

We’ve updated the look and design of the To-Do list to be more user friendly.

New Animations

We’ve added a wide range of creative and entertaining new animations and transitions to College TA.

New Alerts

College TA now features a dynamic new alert system to instruct new users and notify you changes to the app.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed crash issues in Courses & Assignments section
– Faster and smoother transitions

Other Additions:
– Faster then ever
– Socialize

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