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CollegeBooks App – Find Bookstores and Price Comparisons

It’s amazing how expensive college text books cost for one class each semester, which is why savvy and money conscious students should look to apps like CollegeBooks to purchase all their required text books.  The CollegeBooks app is actually an extension of the website.  Like the website, this free iPhone Books app has 2 main functions: to help you find college bookstores across the U.S. and also to compare textbook prices for online stores.

iPhone App Review for CollegeBooks App CollegeBooks iPhone App Review

The CollegeBooks iPhone app comes with 2 main search fields: Find Nearby Bookstores or Compare Textbook Prices. You can use the college textbook title, author or ISBN number to perform your book searches. The “My List” feature also comes in handy for automatically saving your searches and allows you to go back and compare books and prices at anytime. This feature also allows you to quickly access listed websites and purchase from this location as well.

To use the “Find Bookstores Near Me” feature, you’ll get a list of bookstores nearby based on your iPhone’s current GPS location or you can search bookstores manually by individual state listings. With each search result you’ll see the exact location of a college bookstore flagged on the map along with directions, hours of operation and other relevant information. With a tap of a button, this app provides and automatic dial to the bookstore to speak with someone. Or you can go to the campus bookstore website and search on your own.

CollegeBooks iPhone App Sell and Buy College Books with the iPhone CollegeBooks App

However, I found the quickest and easiest way to find the exact book I was looking for by using the ISBN number and the Compare Textbook Prices feature. This function quickly brings back New, Used and Rental pricing. I tested this function out on a book I bought for a college class I had a few years back. Surprisingly, I found this same book on Amazon for the low price of $3.25 used and the highest used price at BiggerBooks for $95.97. There’s was also a rental option through Textbook Stop for $18.36. I know that when I originally bought this book it cost well over $130 at the college campus store.

Overall, I think the CollegeBooks app is a handy Reference app that all college students will want to keep at their fingertips. One thing to point out when using this free iPhone app: in order to get the best deal when comparison shopping, it’s also important to take note of the shipping and tax amounts that may be tacked onto the listed book price.

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