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If you’re looking for a low-key game to mellow out with, Color Pulse is one of the most relaxing ambient iOS strategy games I have come across in the iTunes App Store. This indie style ambient color-matching game has 3 game modes: Classic, Avoidance, and Elimination. All modes include various colored orbs that you will combine in certain ways, depending upon the game mode’s objective. Another similarity that all 3 game modes share is relaxing, slow paced piano music, providing you with a colorful and calming iOS strategy game experience.

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Color Pulse comes with another relaxing feature that the developer has layered into each game board. A unique water-like effect randomly appears on the star-filled game board background during all game modes. While most iOS strategy games have a specific goal to win, Color Pulse is more of a “Zen” like iOS strategy game experience. For example, the Classic game mode objective is to combine as many like colored orbs into chains before the orbs disappear. Each Classic game features mellow piano style music and a game board filled with moving colored orbs. Your goal is to touch and drag or fling like colored orbs into each other creating the longest chains possible. You receive points when the colored chains disappear, and the more orbs in a chain the higher the score when the chain does disappear. Color Pulse does not have any timers per say in any of the game modes, but there is a hidden time limit in the Classic game mode. Adding to the challenge in this iOS strategy game is the physics effect when touching the colored orbs. The colored orbs move at your touch, but their movement depends on how hard you drag or fling them.

Color Pulse iOS Strategy Game

If you are more of an iOS strategy game puzzle person, then you will enjoy the Avoidance puzzle level gameplay. This game mode requires you to move the blue orbs into one big chain while avoiding the red orbs. The Elimination game mode does have a timer, but it does not countdown, it only tracks how long it takes you to eliminate each of the different colored orbs. This is a tad tricky, considering the colored orbs continuously appear, but it can be done.

Overall, Color Pulse is one of the most colorful and relaxing iOS strategy games available in the iTunes App Store. With 3 unique game modes to play, it won’t take long for you to mellow out with this ambient puzzle game! Download Color Pulse and enjoy a colorfully zen game experience.

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