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Color-Splitting Fun In This Zen Like Puzzle Game!

Crystal Lights is a unique iPhone puzzle game that will challenge your ability to split the light spectrum into the various correct colors in order to solve the 121 puzzles within this challenging, but not impossible game. The developers at Slice of Soup created this application in a mere 2 months, which is pretty amazing, considering the amount of levels included in this app. The Crystal Lights’ game concept is based on colors and using color sources to match those to corresponding pulsating orbs to complete each puzzle in as few movements as possible. However, it is not always that easy and you will be challenged with a variety of diffusers, mirrors and other objects that must be used during each level to correctly complete each puzzle at hand.

Crystal Lights iPhone Game App ReviewsCrystal Lights iPhone Game App Reviews

The puzzle game packs are arranged into crystals that form an incomplete sphere. As you complete each puzzle pack a new crystal game pack is added to the sphere. At times you can only play one crystal game pack, but after completion of a certain percentage of a crystal game pack, you can advance forward to the next game pack before completion of the prior game pack. This game requires you to solve the many color-rich puzzles that may appear easy at first, but soon become more difficult, so pay attention to which colors mix to make other colors and you will probably be more successful playing through the massive 121 levels of color puzzle gameplay. A key feature almost overlooked while playing this game is the “zen” like feel you get from the subtle music that plays in the background and the waves of color that wash across the screen during the game play. Slice of Soup did a great job with this app with only 2 months of development time, not sure they slept during that time and am curious to know how many people made up their team. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crystal Lights iPhone App Details

Title: Crystal Lights
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 10.3 MB
Developer: Slice of Soup
Store: iTunes App Store

Crystal Lights iPhone App Download Link

Crystal Lights - Slice of Soup

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Crystal Lights iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Enjoy this light puzzle game created by us at Slice of Soup. Combine, split and manipulate light in different ways to create a maze leading up to the goal of each level. This game starts off easy but gives you a real challenge in the long run. We have exactly 121 levels for you to enjoy, giving you value for your hard earned money.

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If you like our game our game let us know and we might make some more levels!

Tested and running on iPhone3, iPhone4/4S and iPad. (iOS version 4.0 – 5.0)

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