Color Texting for your iPhone Could Carry A Huge Price Tag

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Color Texting for iMessages (by Apps4Life) provides some cool text messaging and iMessaging effects to your messages — but, buyers beware. The price of this app is not the cost you need to worry about, but rather how using this app may destroy your data plan allowance. The reason is that this app uses images as the backend to make text or iMessages look fancy, colorful, and so on. That means that each and every text message you send is actually a MMS, which carries a larger quantity of bytes. While most unlimited text plans allow MMS, there are restraints on the amount of data one can send in an MMS, which if you go over will count towards your data plan. Additionally, if you do not have unlimited text plan, then there is the potential for MMS use to start to rack up data costs.

Color Texting for iMessages iPhone App Review Color Texting for iMessages iPhone App Review

Color Texting for iMessages does not provide very informative messaging around the fact that users may incur more costs, but in there is a brief one liner in the iTunes description “*It should be noted that additional charges may apply because this app uses MMS functions not SMS functions for messages.” Inside the application there is no mention at all of possible data usage. However, they do include, albeit a brief legal disclaimer, regarding the use of iMessaging as a trademark infringement. This app does provide some cool texts if that is your thing, like colored bubbles, creative fonts such as cursive, html editor to customize your texts, texture bubbles, and ghost text, which is also pretty cool. However, the process of creating texts is a little cumbersome because after each text creation you have to leave the app, paste your text creation (no matter which function you used) into an MMS, then send. One big thing that is truly surprising to me is that Apple has allowed this application to exist as long as it has with its current name, as the developer is capitalizing off of Apple’s (potential) trademark for the word iMessages, which is astounding since Apple controls the iTunes App Store and is allowing this app to remain in the top paid apps. Color Texting for iMessages is an application that the buyer should take time to figure out how it works before purchasing, and then complaining after. As far as the trademark thing with Apple, we will see how long this app lasts, my guess is their run will be over soon and the title will be changed — will have to wait and see.For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Color Texting for iMessages iPhone App Details

Title: Color Texting for iMessages
Price: $0.99
Size: 1.3 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Apps4Life
Store: iTunes App Store

Color Texting for iMessages iPhone App Download Link

Color Texting for iMessages - Apps4Life

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Color Texting for iMessages iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Finally, you can send iMessages / Text Messages with colored bubbles, colored text, cursive fonts, textured bubbles, glowing text, even ghost themed text (see screenshots)!

In addition to color, you can add BOLD, UNDERLINE or ITALIC stylings to your text!

When you are in the middle of a text and want to add color or any other feature: launch the ‘iMessage Editor’ app, select the feature you want, type your message and select MMS to send. You just send your enhanced text without missing a beat. It’s that easy, and your friends will be amazed!

Check out the screen shots to see how it works.

More features coming soon!

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~Apps4Life, LLC

*It should be noted that additional charges may apply because this app uses MMS functions not SMS functions for messages.

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