Color Texting for Message – Puts The Fun Into Mobile Communication

Color Texting for Message gives you another reason to get excited about instant messaging. Now you can inject some fun personality into your plain and boring messages with the Color Texting for Message app. This iOS Universal Productivity app gives you an opportunity to add a playful and creative touch to all your mobile communication.

Color Texting for iPhone

With this app, you can customize your iMessage, SMS, and Emails using a variety of text colors and colorful letter combinations, font styles, and background choices. In addition to a range of solid background color options, you can choose from 25+ patterned backgrounds that’ll really add some pizzazz to what you have to say. Choose from wood textures, stripes, flowers, holiday-themes and more.

Color Texting for iPad

There are tons of uses for Color Texting for Message. Not only can you use this customizable texting app for iMessage, SMS, and email, but you can use this app posting to any of your favorite social media networks. And with the large variety of backgrounds, fonts, and color customization you can find a ton of different combinations to express yourself when using this app.

Color Texting for Message App Features

Customize the background of your Message
UNLIMITED Background Colors selection
UNLIMITED Text Colors Selection
Text Style
Text Font & Size
Background images (Texture)

How To Use Color Texting for Message!

1) Type your Text and customize it as you like
2) Press Send
3) When the messages app opens, in the text field, Tap and hold then select Paste
4) You have now an awesome colored Text!!!

Color Texting is iOS Universal and works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Download Color Texting for Message now using the iTunes App Store download link below!

Developer’s App Description

Customize your iMessage/SMS/Email to have colorful background. Feel yourself like a real artist by mixing and choosing textures that we offer!

Download The Color Texting for Message App Now

Color Texting for Message



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