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Colored Text Is All The Rage!

Colored text messages let you be one on those people who likes to be different, or at least different when it comes to your text messages or iMessages. The iPhone app, Pimp My Text – Send Color Text Messages (by MobGen) lets you send colored text in your text messages. This iPhone utility application is super easy to use and allows for some colorful expression to the usual text option standard. You just type your SMS text into the square bubble when you open the app, tap next, and you will be able to customize the bubble color, font, color/font, glow effects,etc., and set the font color before saving and copying to your clipboard to paste into an MMS. That is how this texting/iMessaging customization app works. It creates an image out of your text and color combinations for distribution as a MMS.

colored text Send Color Text Messages FREE iPhone App Reviewscolored text Send Color Text Messages FREE iPhone App Reviews

This app works as advertised with no glitches, just the hassle of having to copy and paste each and every text message as an MMS, and the possibility that you could hurt your data plan using this app, probably only if you don’t have a texting plan to begin with, in which case then, all MMS would be charged as data. Most cellphone providers’ unlimited text messages include MMS, so if you are using an unlimited texting plan, you should have no issues, but always check with your provider to make sure. Pimp My Text – Send Color Text Messages is a fun app that will spice up your normal text or iMessages with some lastest “All the Rage” pizzaaazzzz.

Download The Colored Text Is All The Rage! Pimp My Text – Send Color Text Messages with Emoji 2 App Now

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  1. Brendan Muller says:

    Hi Crazy Mike, Love your work! Can you please also review my app ‘Pimp My Shadow’ here’s the youtube demo.

    Thanks Brendan.