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Combat Arms: Zombies ..Awesome Start, But Lacks Depth!

Being a huge fan of first-person shooter games (FPS) for the iPhone and iPad, I figured Combat Arms: Zombies would be an awesome game and worth the $4.99 spent. However, I was sadly disappointed due to the game being a fixed-shooter with limited content. Combat Arms: Zombies (by NEXON MOBILE) is a version of the online free-to-play game (Fireteam Mode) that NEXON is trying to cash in on. While they give away some items in this iOS universal game to be used in the web-based game, which is great for those users who play online, but for users like me whom have never played the online game — those items are pointless. At least the game graphics range from good to awesome, and the level game play is decent, albeit there are currently only 2 game areas (Dark Sewers and Cabin Fever) with 5 game modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell, and Infinity). The game areas get boring as the zombies come from the same 4 or 5 areas, which is way too predictable for me. The only real difference in the game modes are the amount of zombies, which while challenging (again, is predictable) and ultimately gets boring due to the limited area you are able to move about in.

Combat Arms: Zombies iPhone Game app reviewsCombat Arms: Zombies iPhone Game app reviews

There are upgrades to your equipment and weapons, as well as other items like a gas mask, but they are costly and not at all user friendly to execute purchases and equip those purchases. Of course, to really trick out your player, you will have to buy gold through in app purchase, which again is not the most user friendly. Combat Arms: Zombies has increased their price now to a whopping $6.99, which is sure to kill the downloads for this mediocre FPS game that has huge potential. Some feature to make this game better and provide more depth: expanded game play, multi-player, co-op and versus game modes, not to mention more content. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Combat Arms: Zombies iPhone App Details

Title: Combat Arms: Zombies
Price: $6.99
Size: 111.2 MB
Category: Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Combat Arms: Zombies iPhone App Download Link

Combat Arms: Zombies - NEXON MOBILE

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Combat Arms: Zombies iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
▶ Game Description

Combat Arms: Zombies is a survival FPS game for iOS devices.
Combat Arms: Zombies takes the popular Fireteam Mode from Nexon’s popular free-to-play online FPS, Combat Arms, and combines it with an immersive arena-based survival campaign.
Combat Arms Online has over 8,000,000 registered users worldwide, and remains a staple in online gaming for North America, South America, and the European nations.

▶ Features

☞ One-Time Purchase
A single purchase of Combat Arms: Zombies will allow you free access to the game on your other iOS devices without making an additional purchase. Supported devices include: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3, and iPod Touch 4.

☞ Connects to Combat Arms
Your purchase of Combat Arms: Zombies also comes with a bonus code usable in Combat Arms Online that will allow you to buy cash shop items for free! ( ONLY available in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico )

☞ Unreal Graphics
Combat Arms: Zombies is a creeping adrenaline-fest, with realistic graphics built on the Unreal Engine3. Experience the intensity of FPS zombie blasting carnage on your mobile device!

☞ The Combat Arms Arsenal
Combat Arms Online has been lauded for having a selection of over 300 authentic real-world guns to blast through your opponents. Combat Arms: Zombies utilizes a hand-picked selection of weaponry from this arsenal to give you the excitement of lighting up your infected enemies with real firearms!

☞ Customizable Weapons
Suit up and tinker to your heart’s content with a host of options for each weapon you acquire.

☞ Controls
With five different control schemes to choose from, you won’t have a hard time getting a handle on the infected.

▶ Your Help Needed

We need more crash reports. When you write a review about a crash, please provide your device information. Thanks for your patience.

▶ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1> Why did the game crash?
A1> If you get the game crash again after updating to v.1.0.1, Please restart your iOS devices. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Q2> How can I get the bonus code?
A2> After clearing a campaign in normal mode, you can get the code by going to the main menu and touch the “Welcome to COMBAT ARMS” banner until January 31st, 2012. ( ONLY available in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico )

Q3> No multi-player support?
A3> Not on the current version. We will consider it for a future release when there is a big demand from the players.

What’s new

* Frequent crash issue on iPhone3GS, iPod Touch, iPad1 fixed
* Minor bugs fixed

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