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iPad Comic Book Series: The Damned Meanderers iBook

The iPad comic series: The Damned Meanderers is a multimedia comic book series (for the iPad) that takes you on a mystical journey with 6 very different characters who have a common goal and a common problem each other. The iBook technology now brings comic books to life with a cool multimedia experience that transports the reader into the story using video, sounds, and the iconic text bubble. This iBook is part of a new iPad comic series featuring 6 fighters in a mystical realm fighting a war they decide to give up on. The action starts as the unified group begins to head for home, but they find out that they’re not so unified after all and the battle they were fighting may just be theirs to fight.

The Damned Meanderers: A Ghost From Days Gone By – Chapter 1 starts of with a quick video prologue, which is more intriguing than telling, specifically the creature’s hands and the subtle blurring and un-blurring of the background, the creature itself, and the mysterious text that is told in the prologue. This iPad comic book has 3 chapters in video/slideshow format complete with sounds, music, and interesting sound effects like the sounds of fighting that are spelled out in big letters typical of “old school” comic books. There is more mystery added by the way the author chose to show the content in this iPad comic book. The video/slideshow is viewed in landscape mode that appears in the middle of the screen, but is only around 4 inches high, which left me with a sense of intrigue and a feeling that there was more going on in most scenes than I could see.


This specific Damned Meanderers book is currently 1 of 3 available in the series, and I expect that there will be more mysterious iPad comics added to this multimedia comic book series in the near future.

If you’re into mystery, medieval times, or cool comics, then you will enjoy getting sucked into The Damned Meanderers: A Ghost From Days Gone By – Chapter 1 — I did!

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