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Comprehensive iPhone Money App with a Personal Touch

Money Story Book (by ReadyXtion Team) is a comprehensive money management application that will help you track your assets, liabilities, monthly expenses, income, and transfers. There are also a few useful extras that allow you some nice personalization of your financial content. Most people would say that tracking their money activity is not the most exciting or fun task to say the least (unless it’s money coming in, but not going out). However, it is a very important task to ensure that you keep your credit in good standing. Which is where the Money Story Book app comes into play. This finance app is customizable, user-friendly, and will put a little bit of sexy into an otherwise uninspiring task.

Money Story Book iPhone Finance App ReviewMoney Story Book iPhone Finance App Review

The app is setup with a couple of main functions and little extras to add some zest into your finance-tracking experience. The wallet portion allows you to keep track of all your accounts (liabilities, assets) such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards and the like. The next main area and probably the most user friendly from an input and visual standpoint is the day, month, year view for expenses, incomes, and transfers. It is here that you can add all of the preceding by tapping on the “+” sign in the bottom middle navigation bar,  and once doing so pops up the input screen for all three categories (expenses, income, and transfers). The input of information is pretty straight forward, but in the category area there is a very nice personalized opportunity to add an image for each category, you can import from Google or your camera roll. You can also change the currency in this section to your desired currency (many to select from). Once an expense, income or transfer is added, you can then just tap on the entry to edit it.

Next in the navigation area are the graphs to give you a visual reality check for your current financial health. You can access this in either a bar or pie chart graph, and there are some filters to change the views. Lastly, there is a settings tab on the bottom right navigation that allows you to change a plethora of settings, such as custom color coding for your categories, looking at expenses, incomes, or transfers you may have bookmarked, set some default settings for currency, beginning of week, and so on. This is also the area where you can back up your data either through WiFi or email, as well as download all information in a CSV file format. You can also restore information in this setting area.

During my testing, I found the app to be rather intuitive. However, I would really liked to have had access to a help screen possibly with FAQs for quick help when I got stuck on entering or editing expenses for example. But I wasn’t totally without help because there is a link to the Money Story Book website in the settings menu that does have more information on the features and functionality. Just so you know, it does take you out of the app. Other than that, this app is a great way to keep track of a lot of important financial information, provides some useful extras and nice personal customization touches that makes the mundane money management task a bit more enticing.

Money Story Book iPhone App Details

Title: Money Story Book
Price: $1.99
Category: Finance
Size: 9.7 MB
Developer: ReadyXtion Team
Store: iTunes App Store

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Money Story Book - ReadyXtion Team

Money Story Book iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
MoneyStory Book is easy to use and easy to input data.
UX is applied as much as possible to enjoy MoneyStory Book!

Are you looking for a way to save your money? Money Story Book will totally worth of spending $1.99 for this app!

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★ Easy and intuitive UI (Dash Board)
– “Day” will show each day’s detail transaction list, “Month” will show entire of list to figure out your transactions.
– “Month” will provide whole list with icons so it is easier to figure out your transactions.
-“Year” will show you monthly income & expenses to see all your transactions.

★ Customizable Category Icons (with Google)
– Category/subcategory can be edited.
– Category’s color can be changed (Color selection UI is provided)
– Small category can have selected picture to see everything at once
– Google images support

★ Easier and Faster inputs!
– Screen touch gets smaller for faster input transactions
– Reduced the possible inconvenience for faster selection

★ Credit card/ Debit card
– Credit card’s payment due date & standard date can be selected to calculate scheduled payment and unsettled money will be added together to show the current amount of usage of credit card
– It is possible to set the date for auto transfer to make a credit card payment
– For Debit card, it is automatically subtracted from the account

★ Asset Management
– Cash, checkings, savings, installment savings, insurance, credit card, finance market, real-estate, online money, loan, debt, etc. are available to categorize!
– Installment saving can be showed with targeted amount or total inputs of divided money will show as a bar graph to see everything at once

★ Backup/Restore
– Can attach your back-up file with an e-mail
– Can restore your back-up file you sent by an e-mail or you linked on the web.
– Supports PC backup/recovery on WI-FI.

★ Recurring
– If this setting is activated, then it will automatically added the same transaction
– Credit card down payment can be added every month.

★ Bookmark
– Frequently used transaction can be added and reuse.

★ Statistics
– Data of category/subcategory will be provided
– Two graphs are applied: Bar graph, circle graph
– Selected asset can be showed with statistic report as an option
-Different days of view can be selected: Day/1week/2weeks/Monthly/2Months/Quarter/Yearly)

★ Many more features
– Supprot currency rates conversion
– Starting date of week, month can be set
– Easy to use calculator with views
– Photo of receipt can be attached
– Currency settings
– Fast search feature
– can manage your vendor
– can have a default value when you add expenses or incomes
– Passcode Lock
– If password is lost, e-mail the password to find out
– CSV output is avaliable

What’s new
– Can edit a scheduled/outstanding amount for credit card
– Bug fixes
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