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Console Gaming on the iPad?….Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

iOS first-person-shooter (FPS) games continue to advance and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is a prime example. This iOS universal app was released a little over a day ago and it has quickly risen to the top of the iTunes app store (paid overall). Mostly due to the game itself and not Gameloft’s massive PR machine. Here is my take: awesome graphics and animations, excellent weapon selection, nice close-ups for kill shots, excellent online gaming experience with 7 different online game modes to choose from, immersive game play, easier swipe gestures for special movements, overall — kick ass! Now for the bad: over 1 GB in size, touch controls for iOS first-person-shooter (FPS) game still leaves a lot to be desired; online access can get overwhelmed so you may have to login a few times before you get up and running (be sure to have a fast connection). All in all, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is awesome and was very well done, increasing in quality from Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Something else that caught my attention is the price of $6.99. I was under the impression this game would come out for $9.99, especially since it is iOS universal. This is a great sign for the consumer, because the competition will be hard pressed to put out games that are not as good quality as this one — for more money. Lastly, a tip: be sure to close out all other apps before playing this on your iDevice. Closing out other apps can be done by: taping the home screen button twice (quickly), then long-tap on any of the icons that appear below the screen until you see a red minus (-) at the upper left of each app, then tap on the red minus (-) to close out each app. Happy gaming with this one — its awesome! Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews.

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation iPad App Details

Title: Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Cost: $6.99
Category: Games
Developer: Gameloft
Store: iTunes App Store

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation iPad App Download

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - Gameloft

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

When war hits home, abandon all fear.

**PocketGamer: “A stellar combination of graphics, entertaining action, and robust multiplayer.”

The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.

• Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan.
• Witness multiple memorable moments thanks to AAA scenario-scripting.
• Experience different types of gameplay: escort, destroy, helicopter, 4×4 chase…

• The deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay on smartphones improved once again, now with a sprint and slide feature.
• Gaze-upon next-gen GFX that allow for an unprecedented rendering of environments.
• Improved SFX and voice acting will immerse you in an apocalyptic scenario.

• Enter battles for up to 12 players in 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes.
• Use your customized weapons to move up an addictive leaderboard with more than just ranks.

*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

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