Constitution App for Kids – Educational and Fun!

The Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER app will give children a new appreciation for their American Government roots. This quality Education app will take upper elementary and middle school students through the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in an engaging, fun, and easy-to-read format using the iPad.

Your kids will discover a lot of great interactive opportunities, photographs, cartoons, animations, and HD videos (with audio) in The Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER app. And in addition to that, this US History app comes with quizzes, puzzles, games and more to make traditional classroom learning, or homeschool class, both informative and fun.

To find out more about this iPad application by KIDS DISCOVER, you can read the app features listed below.

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The Constitution App Features

What You Will Learn:
• What Is the Constitution?
• The Constitutional Convention
• Articles, Sections, and Clauses
• Who Supported the Constitution
• The Bill of Rights
• Other Changes to the Constitution
• The Supreme Court

Features Include:

• Interactive 3-D models
• High-definition video and audio
• Hi-res photographs, cartoons, and animations
• Easy-to-read, accessible writing
• Quizzes, puzzles, and other fun games
• Plus…optimized for the iPad Retina display

KIDS DISCOVER has been creating award-winning content for kids for over 20 years. KIDS DISCOVER apps are always AD-FREE.

Constitution App


If you like the Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER app, be sure to download this app now using the iTunes App Store link below.

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