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Construction Paper Tanks – Durable Action

Construction Paper Tanks (by MU-KOW LLC) is a dual or single control arcade action tank game with customizable and upgradeable tanks, as well as a variety of enemies to take out during the mission (level) gameplay. It’s odd to think of playing an arcade tank battle game with a construction paper tank, but that is exactly what you will do in this game, oh yeah, you heard me — and you can customize your construction paper tank with some very cool camouflage designs also. These fierce paper tanks can also be upgraded in the categories of damage, speed, and armor. The game comes with 1 stock tank that has the basics, but you can unlock and upgrade, not to mention customize 3 additional tanks (Iron Dragon, Silent Strike, and Death Dealer); there are missile, armor, and other upgrades as well. You can earn BP points through gameplay or purchase them through in app purchase, you can also purchase gold star coins, which are used for upgrading and customizing your tanks along with other things.

Construction Paper Tanks FREE iPhone Games ReviewConstruction Paper Tanks FREE iPhone Games Review

I found that the game had fluid movement (best with the dual control setup), but you’ll have to watch how you turn your tank, because at times I found myself stuck — but only due to my poor driving. This dual control setup worked best for me, when in this control setup you have a stick to drive the tank and the other stick works the tank turret while firing it, which is very helpful. I tried the single stick and found myself missing the dual sticks right away, also in this control design you have to tap on a button to shoot. There are currently only 10 missions, but they can all be replayed and are based on a star-rating system (1 to 3). Additionally, the 10th mission is quite challenging with all sorts of light, medium, heavy tanks, helicopters, stationary guns (and more) aggressively zeroing in on you. I think a very cool addition to this game would be online game match for Apple Game Center and would allow for possibly death match, capture the flag, and other tank battle games that the current game design would work very well with. Construction Paper Tanks is a FREE iphone game; there is also a FREE  iPad version called Construction Paper Tanks HD  as well. Construction Paper Tanks is an innovative tank game with lots of customization, durable action, and room to grow. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Construction Paper Tanks FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Construction Paper Tanks
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 13.3 MB
Developer: MU-KOW LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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Construction Paper Tanks - MU-KOW LLC

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Construction Paper Tanks FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Construction Paper Tanks is a fast paced, instant action game filled with tons of construction paper destruction!

Easy to use single-touch steering will help you navigate the battlefield.

Easily fired weapons will help you rain down a barrage of bullets, armor piercing bullets and MISSILES!!!

Enemies are always after you in CP TANKS! Light, medium and heavy tanks are around every corner.

Anti-tank mines will blow your face off if your not careful!

Oh, and don’t forget about helicopters that attack you with explosive missiles!

What more could you ask for???


Chose your tank, your paint job and even your war marking!!!


Go on missions to earn BXP and spend it on upgrading your damage, speed and armor!


Compete on the game center leader boards and be better than the rest!
What’s new

Added second control configuration as requested by customers. The new control features a dual joy functionality to control the hull and turret independently of each other.
The users control preference will be saved/remembered.

Disabled dammage received from blown up tanks.

Increased the base speed of rotation for both the hull and turret.

Tank preferences will now be saved upon entering a mission and will be loaded upon opening the application.

Increased the amount of ammunition received from the AP power up. (15 bullets instead of 10)

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