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Retro Arcade Shooter – Contra Evolution, Mediocre on Android (Video)

Contra Evolution is an arcade shooter game reminiscent of the past, and is now available for Android devices. For the most part, it provides a great arcade shooting experience.

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Contra Evolution was hatched from the Contra arcade game of the late 1980s. This game has evolved to the mobile platform but is just mediocre on the Android. The biggest issues are the control schemes that fail on the Android version of this classic arcade shooter. The virtual D-pad is too big, hiding portions of the screen. The virtual joystick, while not bad, does not easily allow for diagonal shooting, which is really necessary to stay alive in this shooter game. Most of the complaints from the Google Play Store reviews revolve around the poor controls.

Contra Evolution, a blast from the past arcade shooter is decent on the Android, but needs a little more work to be awesome!


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