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Shopping lists and to do lists have never been easier to create and manage on Android devices than with this FREE shopping app, Out of Milk. Out of Milk provides users the ability to make shopping lists, pantry lists (similar), and general “to do” lists easily in an app with an appealing theme. This app allows for 3 different input methods for creating your lists: 1) type/manual, 2) voice recognition, and 3) bar code scanner. I tried all three input methods and they all worked great. The initial voice recognition command got stuck, but by canceling it I was able to pull up the correct information. Each voice recognition after was both speedy and correct. Manually typing was easy to do (nothing special here), but the barcode scanner functionality was very cool. I tested this on Tone’s Cinnamon from Sam’s Club and once scanned, it put the name of the product on my list, but did not give me any other details; nonetheless, still cool. What I liked about the barcode scanner is that I could spend a half/hour or less scanning in the most used items in my house, get a custom shopping list — say for Sam’s Club, the regular grocery store, etc., and have them saved for our weekly grocery runs. Each item is easy to edit by tapping on the item, you can mark it complete, edit, copy, move, or delete it quickly. As already mentioned, the real productivity savings is the ability to create and have saved named lists for your shopping trips. But, don’t stop there! Perhaps you have some yearly activities, like Thanksgiving and you are hosting, use this app to create your lists for all the stores you need to visit and be sure to get all the items you need and never, never again run Out of Milk. If you like this app you can always upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99 that allows for web syncing and other upgrade features. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. CM

FREE Android app reviewsfree android app reviews

Out of Milk Shopping List FREE Android App Details

Title: Out of Milk Shopping List
Price: FREE
Category: Shopping
Size: 3.0 MB
Developer: Capigami
Store: Android Market

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Out of Milk Shopping List

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Out of Milk Shopping List FREE Android App Developers Description

Shopping lists in a lightweight, intuitive and easy to use
Shopping lists, pantry and the remaining tasks in a lightweight, intuitive and easy to use. With Out of Milk Procurement List is with you wherever you go and always on hand to not forget anything. The Pantry List allows you to control the products in your pantry (spices, canned goods, etc …) so you’ll always know what you have at home. To-do List helps you remember anything else yet to do.
# # # Features Out of Milk # # #
– Basic Features –
* Multiple shopping lists and to-dos
* Scanning Azimuth product
* Planning the shopping list
* The record to remind products
* The Pantry List reminds you of products and quantities that you stay home
* Share lists by SMS or email
* Move or copy products to the shopping list and the pantry
* Displays the total and partial bill shopping list
* Check the price history of each product
* Make tax-free products on the shopping list. Out of Milk save your selection for future reference

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