CoPilot Live North America iPhone App, Great Nav App!

When I purchased my iPhone back in 06/2008 my original Idea was to use it as a GPS solution. At the time I drove around 200 miles a day conducting Federal Background Investigations so this would have been extremely useful. But, Apple was slow to come to an agreement bringing this technology to the iPhone. Then my job status changed, so I am not as reliant on a GPS solution for my iPhone today as I had been.

Regardless, I am still titillated by all GPS iPhone app’s. Why? I am not fully sure, maybe because they are expensive or because they take you places (or at least help to get you to places). Naturally when the folks over at CoPilot Live sent me a promo code for there CoPilot Live North America iPhone app I had to check it out. I tested this app for the last several weeks to ensure I received consistent results, or lack of consistent results (was not to be, performed excellent).

CoPilot Live is an extremely accurate GPS iPhone app at least during my tests. I used it for both a long trip and some short jaunts to local stores. The app was concise on the directions and like some other apps, I don’t feel like I was going out of my way to get to my destination. The view of the roadway is very good and detailed including location icons for local stores, gas stations, hospitals, airports, restaurants, etc. The sound also is very good, not annoying like I want to throw my iPhone out the window while using this app.

A couple of things missed, but not really negatives were the voiced names of the roads when turning and there is a short delay in getting the app to sync routes. Neither of these was a significant problem, just observations on my part. On the positive side the price of this full service navigation app is about half of some of it’s competitors (Navigon and TomTom). Also, this app has more live services than any other GPS iPhone app that I am aware of. You can get weather, gas, and traffic information live for your area based on location at no extra fee. CoPilot Live North America is my current GPS iPhone app solution and I am very happy with this choice. This app costs $34.99 and receives 4.5 CrazyMikes Head’s. CM

Title: CoPilot Live North America iPhone App, Cost:$34.99 , Category: Navigation , Developer: ALK Technologies

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CoPilot Live Premium HD USA – Offline GPS Navigation & Maps - ALK Technologies, Ltd.

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