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Countdown++ – Track Important Days To The Second!

Countdown++ helps you to create a little suspense and excitement in your life by allowing you to keep track of and count down the exact amount of time until any important day or event kicks off — down to the last second — so you’ll always be in the front row. Sometimes the most simple ideas are overlooked, but this app takes advantage of one simple thing: keeping you aware and up to speed for any upcoming important date in your life. Whether it is the day your teen leaves for college, your new 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display will arrive, your wedding day, or when you start your new job, Countdown++ can track all of these for you down to the last anticipated second.

The developer kept “easy-to-use” in mind with the input method and user interface for adding any date. A subtle plus (+) sign in the top left will get you started where you can then add your title, event background theme (20 currently), event icon (100 currently) or photo for your event icon, date, time, units (month, week, day, hour, minutes, seconds). You also have the option to select a notification sound from numerous options and font type from a huge variety — that’s it, your event is setup. Your list of events, holidays or birthdays show each time you open the app and can be accessed from inside events by tapping on the list symbol in the upper left. Users can also add US holidays currently with a tap, as well as birthdays for anyone in their contacts. There are a large number of social share options to include your event image or just the text to all the main sites like Twitter, Facebook, and the like. This app also supports iCloud, is Retina Display optimized and has several other features to keep track of your events.

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I don’t usually track events this closely and mostly let my Outlook calendar guide me, but the simplicity and easy-on-the-eyes user interace of this app may just change that. When I opened the app it was basically a white screen, but with a few finger taps I had imported all the major US holidays for 2012 and up to June 2013. Each holiday was titled, had a relevant event icon and background, and provided me the number of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds to each event. You do not have to have all the units on your event image, but “type A” freaks may want to leave them as is. I found adding events extremely easy, as well as the social image sharing and sharing of text for each event. The price of this app is a bit steep for me and may be a lot more tempting at $1.99 or $0.99, but it’s a simple and great idea for an app to help create some buzz and excitement leading up to your most important days and events. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone lifestyle application.
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Countdown++ iPhone App Details

Title: Countdown++
Price: $2.99
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 28.1 MB
Developer: Sergey Astakhov
Store: iTunes App Store

Countdown++ iPhone App Download Link

Countdown++ - Sergey Astakhov

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Countdown++ iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Surprise your friends by reciting exactly how many weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds are left to any given day!

Countdown++ will allow you to generate a countdown clock for practically any event in time, whether you need to know exactly how long is left until the last Monday of the month or the next Friday 13th. Furthermore, Countdown++ will make sure you don’t forget, providing you with the ability to setup multiple notifications for each event.
Countdown++ possesses a wide array of functions, yet boasts a concise and comfy interface.

Should you think of a function Countdown++ lacks but should have, let us know!

– Create an unlimited number of events
– Select the units you want to count back in
– Choose from over 100 event icons
– Setup custom icons using your own photos
– Select sound effects to play during notifications
– Display the ages of those whose birthdays and anniversaries you’re tracking
– Setup multiple notifications per event
– Setup different times for the same event
– Simple configuration for complex dates
– Choose out of 20 themes (soon to be more)
– Import birthday and holiday dates
– Send countdowns to friends
– Enjoy iCloud support
– Make use of Retina Display

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