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Saving Moo is not your average casual iPhone game, it is a whacky out-of-this-world idea for a game — where cow poo (commonly known as cow manure) is money that you use to buy weapons to shoot down aliens. Sounds like a plot to a bad B movie, and in this case the recipe works, because all the ingredients are there for a great game. Saving Moo, by Clickgamer, is a funny game where you are trying to protect cows, your cows from the invading aliens. Fortunately, the cows can be equipped with a variety of weapons, such as chickens firing eggs, marshmallow rocket launchers, kernel shooters, and more. There are even dummy cows that look like scarecrows that attract the aliens, and get taken first when used. The aliens attempt to upload the cows using a forcefield to practice all sorts of horrible things on those cows, using probes and whatnot — don’t let this happen. Saving Moo is a creative masterpiece (not really) for the iPhone that provides not only some casual gaming fun, but some good laughs — and all for only $0.99. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

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Saving Moo iPhone App Details

Title: Saving Moo
Price: $0.99
Size: 37.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Clickgamer
Store: iTunes App Store

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Saving Moo iPhone App Developers Description

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It’s a well-known fact that a farmer’s greatest fear is bunch of alien invaders stealing their cows. In Saving Moo, it’s up to you to prevent that from happening. Watch your weapons of grass destruction chew through the field and ‘produce’ Moo Sacks, use these to purchase new weapons and more livestock in a bid to repel the alien invasion once and for all. Cute, funny, clever and challenging, Saving Moo has everything a great arcade game needs…plus chicken launchers.

Saving Moo Highlights
• Intense and addictive arcade gameplay will have you playing for hours.
• 25 increasingly tough levels to get through spread over 5 days, will your Moos survive?
• Survival mode, keep your cows on Earth for as long as you can.
• 17 crazy weapons to choose from, including egg cannons, hot marshmallow guns, and even TV launchers.
• 3 types of cow, from a baby calf to a full-grown bull, use them wisely.
• Unlock the incredible Super Cow and destroy everything in one go.
• Check out the Moo-pedia for all your weapon and cow info…it’s udderly fascinating.

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What’s new

– Minor Fixes
– New Moopedia!

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