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Crack The Whip With Your iPhone or iPad!

You’ll enjoy whacking, slapping, punching, wielding a lightsaber, or cracking the ultimate whip on your friends with the help of your iPhone or iPad and this Crack The Whip soundboard application. The iPhone and iPad have truly become prevalent in people’s lives providing timely information, photos, games, and much more — like the great “whip” sounds provided by this app.

This entertainment application features 3 whip sounds, a lightsaber, a hand slap, and a cartoon punch, as well as a Lightsaber FX that can run alongside all other sounds for a combined effect. Having a little fun with your friends is easy: simply have your iPhone or iPad ready and waiting for your friend who talks a big game, but really has to go home to rub his wife’s feet — perfect time for a “whip” sound; any of the 3 will do. Have a friend who makes inappropriate comments? Next time they make a bad comment, use the hand slap or the cartoon punch to let them know not to go there. You tech types will fall in love with the lightsaber sound, and with the lightsaber FX you can have an iPhone/iPad lightsaber duel with friends, foes, or whoever you can find that you want to “Jedi” on.

funny iphone appsfunny iphone apps

It’s obvious that the developers (Skynetric) have a sense of humor, and this simple and amusing soundboard app gives you an opportunity to have some humorous fun too. All the sounds are very crisp on the iPhone but some are a little muted on the iPad. Although there are only a handful of sounds, the lightsaber FX is really cool and ups the value of the app overall. I would love to see more sounds added and apparently the developers are already working on more fun sounds to provide even more value to this application. Check out this app if you want to “Crack The Whip” today. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a walk through of this iPhone entertainment app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crack The Whip iPhone App Details

Title: Crack The Whip
Price: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 3.9 MB
Developer: Skynetric
Store: iTunes App Store

Crack The Whip iPhone App Download Link

Crack the Whip: Whipping Sound with Light Saber Humming FX - Skynetric

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Crack The Whip iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Like the App seen on the popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory”!
Now with an optional LightSaber sound FX, it’s even better!

Air-Whack your friend over the head with a lightsaber clashing sound when they do something “Stupid”!

★We promised new sounds and here they are: a new slapping and punching sound!!!★

Wanna play a whip cracking sound when you know your friends or co-workers are whipped?!
Now you can do it with an app, which is much funnier!

★★★Just simply shake or make a whipping gesture with your device to play the cracking the whip sound!★★★

✓ Now includes a hand slapping sound to show your friends who’s the boss!
✓ Includes a punching sound.
✓ Includes 3 different whip cracking sounds.
✓ Includes a lightsaber clashing sound.
✓ Lightsaber waving sound effects when device is moved around slowly.
✓ Features an option to having a lightsaber humming sound fx in the background.
✓ Quick and easy user interface!
✓ Great for teasing your friends when you know they are whipped!
✓ More features and sounds to come!

Important: Make sure your volume is turned up on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to hear any whipping sound. Make sure silent mode is not engaged on your device. We have tested Crack the Whip on iPhones/iPads/iPod touches and it does work. If you have any issues with our app, please contact us with the type of device and iOS version so we may promptly help with any issues.

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