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Crap You Can’t Forget – Notes On Toilet Paper!

We all think about “crap we can’t forget,” but who would have ever thunk that there would be an iPad Productivity app actually called Crap You Can’t Forget? Fortunately for us, there is and it’s a feature-rich note taking app that provides a ton of useful functionality — as well as some bathroom humor to make note taking memorable — actually, really enjoyable. Most note apps are rather bland, sterile, and boring — with little to no app personality. But, note taking doesn’t have to be boring and Crap You Can’t Forget proves it.

This silly note app displays your note folders in the form of toilet paper packs, literally looks like a 4 pack of Charmin, but each folder is custom titled by you for the name of that specific note folder. Inside the folders you can add a roll (a note) by tapping on the icon in the top right, this unleashes a load of functionality that rivals most more formal note taking apps. Enter your note title, note text, and you can add a video (using your iPad or from your camera roll), add an image (using iPad or from camera roll), add a voice note — and there is an alarm function. Lastly, all notes are time stamped once you exit them so you’ll know where you left off.

ipad video app demosipad video app demos

But, quite possibly the best feature in this app is the delete icon for getting rid of notes. The delete tab is an image of a toilet in the bottom of each saved note. Getting rid of an old note, completed note, or incorrectly saved note is just a flush away, complete with authentic toilet sound — I like it. Not sure about you, but most notes represent stuff I have to do, lots of times busy stuff I just want to get rid of, so what better way to dispose of a note than with a simple tap and a flush — all gone. The app will require you to enter a password upon your first use (which you can change) and gives the ability to share all notes on Twitter, Facebook or through email. Crap You Can’t Forget is getting a face lift really soon, so look for this app to look a little fresher with Retina graphics, more functionality — and a new name. Be sure to check out the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this iPad productivity application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Crap You Can’t Forget iPad App Details

Title: Crap You Can’t Forget
Price: $1.99
Size: 5.3 MB
Category: Productivity
Developer: Bonezales Productions
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crap You Can’t Forget iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Crap You Can’t Forget will be the last note taking application you will ever need on your iDevice. Crap You Can’t Forget adds a sense of humor to the traditional note taking application. This app is fully loaded with all the features anyone can ask for in an app. Features listed below. Enjoy.

1. Create folders to organize your notes
2. Password protection
3. Set up audio reminders for important events
4. Share your notes to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even air print your note
5. Audio record a note on the go.
6. Automatically adds your location of where the note was created.
7. Timestamps of created notes and added timestamps for edited notes.
8. Video record or pull a video from your camera roll to add to a note.
9. Take a picture or pull a saved picture from your camera roll to add to your note.
10. Share pictures and video notes via email or Facebook directly from within the app.

Your notes will literally be written down on a roll of toilet paper as shown in the screenshots. My personal favorite is when you delete a note, all you have to do is hit the toilet icon and as the note is deleted you actually hear the sound of a toilet flushing. We hope you enjoy our app and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for any future updates.

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